Correct answer but phone says "wrong"

I have an ongoing and intermittent issue where the player answers correctly but their phone says “WRONG”. When I go into the rankings, I can see where they did answer correctly and points were awarded. I can provide details if needed.


We get that frequently too.
Go into activity and find the answer and the player and it will say either yes or no as to their answer. It’s time consuming though…


Yes, I can advise the player that they received their points but this bug causes concern with our players.


This frequently happens to us too.

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This is a known interface display bug that very occasionally happens when our platform gets really bogged down with games and players (e.g. hundreds of simultaneous games and tens of thousands of simultaneous players across the app). While the incorrect label on the Mobile View doesn’t affect scores, it can misinform players. Our team is currently working on resolving this issue ASAP and will be sure to keep you informed of any updates to this ticket.

Thank you for the update.