Chat GPT Creating Crowdpurr Quizzes

I have been playing around a little bit with ChatGPT giving it some instructions as to how to create a quiz and pointing ChatGPT to a free source quiz page then asking it to create one that will be formatted for Crowdpurr, going further I’ve even had it working where it could create multiple-choice questions from open ended questions by adding three plausible additional answers it works for a limited amount of time and then something happens where it no longer knows how to compose it has anyone been successful with generating the correct prompts this could be fairly exciting if it works. I’ve even had it composed additional notes for the question if you’ve managed to make this work please let us know how you did it.

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Did you not know that we added our own AI trivia game generator in the Trivia Library earlier this year? It can write multiple-choice and text-answer questions and can also add Question Notes! And insert the game right into Crowdpurr!

Here’s a blog post about it Create a Trivia Game with AI Using Crowdpurr and here’s our Help Center article on how to use the feature Creating Trivia Games with Crowdpurr AI.