Trivia Store to buy quiz content for Crowdpurr

Hi, I just wanted to let other hosts who thirst for more quiz questions and are not partially keen on sourcing their own content that I have been running an online store for more than 8 years for host’s to purchase from all over the world.
They are very affordable and we offer a subscription service too.
I am writing now exclusively in the Crowdpurr format and any pictures will be accompanied.
I haven’t a lot up just yet but I will be uploading 80 questions per week, you may have to discard a few depending on your region. Check it out.


Het John!
Good to see you transferred over.
No more speedquizzing?
I’ll have to look at the new content.
Is there a new site to go to?

Hi Na, no need site same one. We have a page alright.

I just saw the page. I will def check out the questions. If there’s any way you can convert all your old quizzes from SQ to crowdpurr, you would do very well here!

All my Quick Questions can be quickly converted to a Crowdpurr CSV file from the quiz converter on my site so happy days.

You as happy with Crowdpurr as me?

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love it!! we use it at 5 different locations a week!


Hi @djjohnoconnor. This is awesome!

Some more good news… we have an update coming that will now include Question Media and Question Notes in Question exports and imports.

So YouTube videos will have their URL exported (along with stop and start times), Giphy GIFs and stock image URLs will export and import, and any manually uploaded images will export and import as long as the URL hasn’t been completely deleted from our system. Question Notes will export and import too.

The idea is that a complete trivia game can be exported and imported that now includes all the Question Media, Question Notes, and goodness that makes it a Crowdpurr trivia game.


YES to this. Awesome. :slight_smile:

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This will be amazing when it comes. I have been put off making notes for my own quizzes knowing that they don’t export I thought what’s the point. I will start when we get this update.

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I concur 100%. It makes reusing good questions just that much more work, and turned me off from even using those fields.

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Looking forward to this as well as we import and export past trivia files regularly! Woo hoo!

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Hi Ross, any news on the export of questions along with the media and notes, with your upcoming release of the new picture with the multiple-choice feature.

Yes, when that feature launches this Friday we’re planning on having the question export/import fully functional and updated with question media, answer images, and question notes.


Just a friendly update that exporting and importing question media (gifs, images, YouTube), answer images (gifs, images), and question notes is now live! Check it out in our latest update.

There is one important part of exporting and importing any uploaded images and stock images… for them to re-import correctly they must still be on an experience in your account. Or they must be an image from a library game. If you’ve uploaded an image or added a stock image, then export it to CSV, then delete the game/question/image, it will not reimport the uploaded/stock image.

GIFs and YouTube videos export and import no matter what, but your account must have your uploaded image still in some game somewhere or it must be in the library (a cloned library game that has an uploaded image).