Photo booth pictures to social wall

Can I discuss with someone about possibly getting pictures to uploaded directly from my photo booth software? We have online gallery as well as photo to text through twilio

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This would probably involve a Crowdpurr Custom project that would entail custom software development. We have a $5,000 for all custom projects. Is this something you’re still interested in?

I am interested in discussing custom software. I was really trying to get custom development last year, but your team was busy. I would like to address this, this winter

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Did you ever end up reaching out to us? Send us an email at

Yes I did . I was told your team was too busy, at that time. This may be something I may want to start looking into again. We are hosting larger bingo events with 3500 people and currently using paper. However it is through my music bingo program, which I haven’t really figured out how to effectively use it on the crowdpurr platform