[SOLVED] Bingo Ranking Tab Not Updating

On the dashboard whilst playing bingo, the ranking tab used to auto update. This seems to have stopped and I need to refresh the page or select another tab and then go back to get an update on the rankings tab. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @AquariumDaily, thank you for reporting this. Our Development Team has been able to reproduce this issue and is currently working on resolving this ticket promptly. As soon as we receive an update on its status, we’ll be sure to notify you promptly.


Hi @AquariumDaily. Thank you for reporting this. This has been fixed in our latest update. We made some changes in the last update that impacted the Experience Dashboard’s Rankings tab.

Please accept our apologies for this issue. We are glad we were able to solve it quickly.l


Thank you for the quick fix, I can confirm it is working again.