Wish List: Scavenger Hunt

Is there a feature/platform that will set up a scavenger hunt/picture wall, in a bingo style?

Here’s what I’m picturing- Having a bingo style savenger hunt…a red car, a dog, someone with the same neame as you, etc. For every item the participant finds they have to snap a picture. The point system would be lower/higher based on level of difficulty (finding someone with the same name as you is harder than spotting a red car) whoever snaps the picture first would get get the most points and the amount of points for each item will get lower and lower every time someone snaps a picture.

I hope this makes sense!


Hi Karla. Thank you so much for reaching out with your suggestion and welcome to the Crowdpurr community board.

Do you mean an actual scavenger hunt, with teams moving about the city or venue or however the game’s been constructed? I like the idea, but I see quite a bit of potential for cheating with that particular setup. I agree that it would be more difficult for players to find someone with the same name as them, so I’d bet some industrious players would send in a picture of anyone and say they’ve got the same name. Or find a picture online and send it in. The online possibilities are practically endless and would be difficult to manage. Without rigorous screening, I see too many possibilities to cheat.

On the other hand, if you’re talking about a bingo board (or picture wall) that you as the admin construct yourself, with teams searching the board for the picture and sending it in, that’s essentially a traditional bingo board.

But I do like the idea of descending points as more and more people find pictures of the clue. There’s definitely a kernel of an idea here that’s worth exploring, possibly a feature to work into our current bingo scoring model.

Thank you again for your suggestion and stay tuned for updates.

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