A few ideas / requests

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but the trivia game is still going strong. :slight_smile:

A few thoughts / features I’ve thought of…

  1. I know it’s been discussed before and I thought we’d see it by now, but new question types would be great and help expand the offering. A few that have been previously mentioned: “Multiple answers” (here is a list of 5 things, select all that are correct) and I would LOVE the ability two have two “text” answers. (Name the two smallest planets in the solar system). I would also love to have a RANGE type question where the question could be something like… within 100… How many lakes are actually in the state of Minnesota. Within two years, what year what the Battle of Gettysburg… etc.

  2. Music - I know this is a storage nightmare on your end (maybe dropbox integration?) but playing a music clue or movie quote or sound effect that is built into the question would be great. This could sure help turn bingo into music bingo. (The only way I can think to do that right now is a nightmare on our end)

  3. Question preview - I walk around the room and use a table to display the next questions via streamdeck. It would be great if there were a way to preview what the next question is without actually going to the next question. That would help with question setup. I often do trivia where several questions in the round are in one category and it would be nice to know when one of those questions were on the way.

  4. I really like the blank screen request that someone else mentioned. This could even be used in place of item 3 on my list as it would allow me to create a graphic that would say something like "TOUGH QUESTION -100 POINTS or SUPBOWL TRIVIA… or some title that would both focus attention and allow the host to know what is coming next.

  5. I would love it if when displaying text answers, and nobody has sent in the correct answer, if the actual answer could NOT be displayed alongside the list of responses until “show answer” has been selected.

Also, would love to see parameter defaults per account so I would not have to change team mode, wager time, sound effects selection, display question number…etc each time but I believe that is part of a previous feature request.

I know it’s a lot but like I said… this has been building. :slight_smile:


Hi @dandeibert. Thanks for the feedback. Love all the requests. Please continue to share. Thanks for still being a user and customer. :pray:

Some quick knee-jerk responses on these:

  1. Some new question types would be nice. I like the range type too. As users have requested a sure-fire way to break ties. A range/closest-to-the-hole type question where you get more points for being closer to a specific number would do that. To be honest, we don’t have any new question types on the horizon (have some bigger fish to fry) but I’ll keep thinking about this and see if we can fit it in.

  2. Yes, a true audio file/video integration would be involved… I think overkill as well. What I see a lot at bars is hosts just making a set Apple Music/Spotify playlist of like 25 songs and playing them on a PA. Then they add those as their bingo squares and then just manually call the bingo squares for each song in the order of their playlist (instead of randomly calling a square). This is way easier than messing with uploading music files. Who even has music files anymore? I can guarantee you younger people… do not. Have you tried the PA and playlist approach? I know this only works in a live setting, but it would probably work in a virtual meeting too. The only way it doesn’t work is if you only have our Participant View (i.e. no live or virtual setting to hear the music). The cherry on top of all this is, piping copyrighted music through our app is very legally challenging if not impossible (see TikTok’s recent issues with this). So even if we could and did, it wouldn’t be legal.

  3. This is kind of what the Summary tab is for. I know it’s cumbersome to switch tabs back and forth especially if you have incoming text-answer questions to deal with on the Question tab. But you can just keep the Experience Dashboard on the Summary tab and update the active question from there. All the controls work and there’s a lot of data to see on the Summary tab, like correct answer percentages, answer counts, etc. So you can run your game from the Summary tab.

  4. This is on roadmap. Later this year. :+1:

  5. Hmm… yeah you may have a point here. Should the correct answer be shown when only enabling Show Live Answer Results (A)… probably not. I’ll put in a bug ticket and we’ll review this in the near-term. There may be a reason we do this but I’ll look into it. You make a good point.


There some nice suggestions here, first I think you should be able to have multiple correct answers text answers, so what I do is have in the first answer box with both and like ‘Earth & Mars’ the second answer box have ‘Earth’ and the 3rd ‘Mars’. That should help with that one. With the years I sometimes enter like 6 answers and tell folks the answer needs to be within 5 years.

Music, yeah if even we had a way to block the video and just use the audio could be handy.

Question Preview, so host in the first tab, a small preview of the next question while teams are playing the current question would be handy to have a quick read over the following question without having to click on tabs back and forth.

Yes on the participant screen and while we are showing the answers that were submitted and before the host reveals the correct answer my regular teams know where they can find the correct answer before its announced because more often its first on the left, even in random places might be good.

My biggest headache at the moment is teams swapping devices and having to move points over manually, love if there was a way to hot swap them.

Keep up the great work other than that Crowdpurr.


If you disable “Allow multiple sign-ins” and keep “Allow participants to sign back in” checked, you can do this. You just need to enable (and require) and email address or phone number. I usually have them give the team name and email address… and I tell them it doesn’t even have to be a real address… just one they remember. I use tablets for my events so if something were to happen to a tablet, they would just need to grab another and log back in using the same email address and it puts them right back at the same spot with the same points.


Great tip. Forgot about this. As yes, each match to any of the text-answer correct answer variations gets converted to the first correct answer option which is your group (e.g. “Earth & Mars”).

We have a question like this in the sample CSV import for trivia questions where the text-answer question is:

“Name any of the three stooges”

And the correct answer options are:

“Moe, Larry, & Curly”, “Moe”, “Larry”, “Curly”

Another good tip. Indeed, in Basic Team Mode you can sign back in as long as an email or phone number is used when signing in. We have an overhaul/update to Basic Team Mode and Advanced Team Mode coming soon. That will help with this.


Thank you so much, this is great and will fix my problem. :+1:


I see what you are saying but what I mean by multiple answer boxes… I want them to answer Mercury and Mars (not Earth :slight_smile: ) so I can’t put individual answers in the alternative answers box because if they just say Mars, that is not correct. I need to have them both. (Would be great to have multiple answers with points PER answer, too. 7 boxes… name the 7 dwarves from Snow White, 25pts each)

What I currently do is use “Mercury and Mars” as answer one then… “mercury mars” “mars and mercury” “mars & mercury” “mercury & mars”… it covers MOST of the correct answers but of course, people will always find a way to put something crazy in there like “Mercury then Mars”. :slight_smile:

@djjohnoconnor I like the idea of the extra years as correct answers to create a range. Thanks for the tip.


I was only thinking a couple of weeks ago about the same thing, the whole additional answers for additional points. I’d like to see this coming sometime soon.