What about Musical Trivia Bingo option?

Would there be a way to add music clips as an option for bingo? That way you could do different types of musical bingo for themed parties.


Hi @michael.helm,

I can think of a workaround where you can add a YouTube Video during your Bingo Game, which will display on your participants’ mobile devices. For instance, this feature allows you to create a Music Bingo round where you can stream a song that your players must find the corresponding called square with the artist, title, lyrics, etc.

First, you’ll need the link for the YouTube Video you want to add. After copying the link, you can head back to the dashboard and click on the Add YouTube Video button with a play icon located on the right side of the page. You can then paste the link onto the blue pop-up module and hit the green Search button. You’ll then see a thumbnail of your chosen video as well as two fields if you’d like to specify a Start Time and End Time.

Also, if you have the Obscure Title enabled, then this will temporarily block the YouTube title using a black bar to prevent your players from retrieving any answers by merely looking at the title. Once the title hides on the video, the black bar fades away.

MV - Music Bingo

Once the video has ended, you can then call that specific Bingo Square pertaining to the video for your participants to find on their card. With this workaround, you may want to have an external list of YouTube video links ready if you’ll be using multiple videos to display during the round.

Lastly, you can also enable the Hide Called Squares alert style under the Settings tab and Interface Preferences section to only show a blank notification on the Mobile View and Projector View. This will require players to rely on you as the host in order to figure out which spaces have been called.

When you call a square, the next square alert will display a white ball with a question mark on both the Projector View and Mobile View. For example, you can issue out hints in the form of verbal clues, songs, and etc. The player must then determine what square corresponds to the host’s hint and find the square on their card.

You may also want to consider disabling the Highlight Called Squares setting in order to require your participants to determine what square is being called based on the host’s hints, along with finding the square manually on their card.

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Good work-around Jemma. However, this is pretty cumbersome. At some point, we will add the ability to upload or link music to BINGO squares and trivia questions. However, I can’t give you a date on that now.