Christmas Wish List!

Ross, what awesome new features can we expect for Christmas this year?


Does Santa tell children what he’s going to bring them prior to them opening it!? You’ll just have to wait and see. We have a few fun things we’ll be shipping before the end of the year.

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Announcing and demonstrating some new features tonight on a special $500 Trivia Night Holiday Party :christmas_tree: event. Check out all the details here Trivia Night by Crowdpurr.

Join in and win!

I see an update, but don’t see the features. Didn’t stay up till 2 am (Irish time) to play last night but would like to get my teeth into some new features.

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We gave live demonstrations of both:

  • Drag and Drop Reorder Question Type - A new question type where players must drag the answer options into the correct order.
  • Top Three Final Rankings Reveal - The final top three players are revealed in a suspenseful celebratory animation, complete with cool confetti effects, before displaying the final rankings.

Neither of these are available yet, they were just demos. But we’re hoping to them ready by the end of the year in our official December update. This was just our annual Holiday Party. It wasn’t the official update of the month. That’s forthcoming.


Hey @RossN, is there any spot where we can rewatch the broadcast?

Unfortunately not. We didn’t record this one.

If you tune into Trivia Night tomorrow, we’ll demo the new features again though! And probably every week until they’re live.

Ross, I appreciate what you are doing. But please keep in mind that many of us have gigs in the evenings and cannot attend your events.

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