Feud/Crowd Mentality

It would be cool if the text question option could be beefed up. I would like to ask a survey question worth 100 points. Then have points distributed amongst the answers. The answer with the most submissions gets the most points, one answer submissions gets one point.
Jimmie G


Hi @jimmie. Thanks for the feedback!

We’re working on something exactly like this. Some beefier text-answer features, like you say. I would say it would by February or March as far as a timeline.

Is this the same feature you previewed during one of the Holiday Thursday trivia games? If so, Timeline will also be a great use case, especially if images can be added.
Very excited. Next up, live Feud style questions, and then Jeopardy style game board.
Jimmie G

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This isn’t something we showed during the holiday games. For the holiday games we previewed:

  • Drag and Drop Answer Reorder Questions
  • Animated Winner Reveals (e.g. 3rd Place reveal, then 2nd Place reveal, then 1st Place reveal)
  • Fun Animated Effects when revealing rankings, correct answer, etc.

All of these are coming very soon.