Wish List Feature Requests

First off, I think crowdpurr is amazing already.
Few things I’d like to see come to the platform would be:

More Shortcut keys to things like Crowd Activity showing a 100 results with the latest question asked pinned to the top, it’s just too many clicks with the mouse to get to this info.

Shortcut to Rankings for both current game and overall game scores.

I like to see the nearest wins number style question, these are deliberately difficult numerical questions are used. These questions are designed primarily to be used as tiebreakers or bonus big points questions.

Result Screen: At the end of a quiz, it would be great if we could slow release the top team results using the projector screen and reveal the names slowly with an emphasis on building suspense.

Team Photo - If when registering let’s give the option for teams to add a photo, this would be cool on the scoreboard and would help teams identify with each other.

Tip Jar - What if at the end of a trivia game the option to tip the host for all his/her hard work?

Quick Swap - Battery dies and a team need a quick way to swap the team name and scores to another device.

Fastest Bonus - Award a team additional points for being the fastest to submit a correct answer

Correct Order - Multi-select games but put words or pictures in the correct order. Sequence Questions.

I’ve more but this will do for now.


These are all fantastic! And many of them are already in the works. Those being:

  • Top Three Winner Animations - We will be adding a fun suspenseful animation on both the Mobile View and Projector View for the top three winners/teams.
  • Drag n’ Drop Order Question Type - This is coming before the end of the year.
  • Nearest Number Question Type - We are working on this as well.

It could be that I am missing something, but in the new built-in streaming feature, is there a way to quickly move the host over to a bubble, or turn off video but leave the audio working? I have a situation where I wanted to have an MC read questions and then enable the answers. The issue is that the video covers the entire question area. When turned off, communication by the MC ends until it is turned on again. This means that the leaderboard and other items are covered up on the device screens. While for us this was a one-off thing, I can see it being an issue for others.

This might help, https://crowdpurr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052614212-Add-a-Live-Stream-to-Crowdpurr


Hi @crowdpurr, welcome to the Crowdpurr Community forum!

Indeed, the Help Center article provided by @djjohnoconnor illustrates how to minimize the host’s live-streaming video during an Experience.

For instance, if the live-streaming video is set to either the Full Width, Vertical Crop, or Full Screen and you would like to minimize the host’s video such as to allow players to answer, you would just have to disable the Show Live Stream (Z) by pressing the Z key on your keyboard or toggling this switch manually on the Viewer Controls box.

When disabled, the live stream will be minimized into a small bubble located on the left-side of the Mobile View as displayed below:

Feature Request - Clue Reveal:
The option in mobile view to press a ‘reveal clue’ for tricky questions button, if a team chooses to use this they only earn half the points on offer if they are correct.
e.g. In 2021, it was announced that which song spent a combined five years in the UK Top 100 since its was original release?
Clue: This band always talks about “All these things that I have done”.
Answer: Mr Brightside