Day to Day Life Bingo Feature!

I have recently started using Crowdpurr for a Bingo that a few of us at work have come up with to make our day to day more fun, and add some laughs. It is unconventional so I make it work as best I can from the available features.

Our game: We have come up with a collection of common, funny, and a few rare things that happen at work. Example: “Some one calls in sick”, “No stall available in the bathroom”, “Someone blames it on the supply chain”, “Safety Training Class”, “HR sends out an All Mail Users email”, “Meeting Hot Mic”. We have a lot of online conference calls, so it really helps having things to look for on your Bingo Card.

It is completely based on honesty, and we share with everyone when one of these events happens, even if they were not there. They can then mark it if they have it. Great for keeping everyone connected and talking through the day. Just make sure you don’t single someone out like; “Joe says BULL” and then have someone get offended.

So, I make a Bingo with words. I start it in the morning manually and call all squares so they can be selected as the day goes by. Many of us have been 1 square away from Bingo, but no Bingo yet since I started. The point system makes it still some what interesting.

I would love to automate this to start beginning of day and end of day until BINGO. I tried this with auto-call at midnight as fast as it would call so they would be selectable at the start of work, but on the last call it ends. I would love to have a 5 day setup, so Monday - Friday would keep score and tally at the end of the week. I would also like to see a leader board below the bingo card. Possibly with new calls from a player, or a light highlight on the board if someone called a square that you have, then you would know that event happened and could also mark it.

Again, based on honesty, but I think everyone able to see a call from someone else runs a risk of someone else still getting a Bingo even if you were not honest. Please feel free to improve on. Maybe even make daily themed versions…



Hi @rivershark - thanks for posting. That’s super cool! We have other customers who do something similar for NFL football games and other sports. Where the bingo squares are things like:

  • Touchdown
  • Interception
  • Five Yard Penalty
  • etc.

It has honestly never crossed my mind to that this could apply to the office working space. Hilarious! I love it when our customers take our app and get even more creative with it! :clap: