Pay & Play Crowdpurr Quiz/Bingo

While some venues I work in offer a free-to-join option but others we have to go around to all the tables to collect an entrance fee, it would be amazing if they could scan the QR of the screen and be taken to a pay-to-play payment gateway which gives the access to the game once confirmation of payment is complete. Now that Live Stream is all native I’d love to see them come to Crowdpurr in the near future.


Adding payment gateways is something we would like to do in the future, but it’s not a super near-term feature that we’re working on. There’s a few hotter irons in the fire. Probably next year we’ll start working on this, along with a few other strategic major features that would go along with it.

Until then, you can always create your own payment website using Stripe, PayPal, Square, etc. Then create your own QR code to it and display that to your participants on a PowerPoint slide or image. Then upon paying, it would reveal the URL to join the actual bingo/trivia game. I’m sure there’s a workflow that could be figured out.

One very near-term feature we are working on is making the “sign in” page actually act as a pre-registration page. So when participants arrive early to your experience, they would actually register versus signing in. Then that registration would add them to the VIP Guest List so they could be notified when the actual experience is starting.

It’s a feature we’ve immediately noticed we need for our own new weekly live trivia show. We go live every Thursday at 6PM EST, but without a reminder, many people forget. So if they can pre-register and then get notified, it would increase participation. So that is coming soon. Which may help with the above. We’re still ironing out how it will work. Stay tuned.


Thanks for the update on that!


Can confirm. Totally forgot about Thursday.

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An update - we’ve figured out a work-around for now that you can use too.

If you sign up early at and enter your phone number, we’ll send you a text reminder right before the game starts. Or, if you don’t enter your phone number, we’ll send you an email shortly before.

We do this by just exporting all the participants from the Leads → Participants tab shortly before the game. Then we import the emails/phone numbers into a VIP Guest List (either on that experience or a different one) and then use the Notifications feature to notify the VIP Guest List.

It’s kind of convoluted but it works. We’re going to work on making all this much easier in the very near future.


i have set up square for my monthly knock out

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Yes, I have a nice setup using stripe, after completing the payment it bounces you into the game once the payment is cleared. Works a dream.


@djjohnoconnor Could you elaborate more on this Stripe process? We might have other users that would like to hear about it.

Sure Ross, so I have attached images to help with the understanding of the process.
You set up a product on Stripe with the amount you want to charge.
Stipe will even supply a QR picture which with the tools on OBS you can overlay over the crowdpurr ones.
In stripe you can then direct the purchaser directly into the game with the crowdpurr URL after payment is successful. Stipe is great in the way it offers Apple and Google pay so this really speeds things up from scanning to purchasing to get pulled into the sign-in page of Crowdpurr.

During the payment teams are asked for a contact number and with Crowpurr we ask for the same so if we need to cross-reference teams who have and have not payed we have that option.
No team who sneeks in wins prizes unless we have both matching on our system.

Any further questions please ask.


How cool would it be if we could have a choice of a default QR to jump into the game or change it and use a URL and it automatically makes a new QR so people could make payment and then be directed to the Crowdpurr URL to play the game?

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Oh wow, that’s super cool. Thanks so much for posting. I may have to make a blog article about this. Just to highlight this capability with the way things currently function in Crowdpurr.

We actually want to do a few things to help with this workflow.

We already have a feature completed (just not yet reviewed and released) that allows you to edit the text of the Presentation View’s lower black URL bar. So you can override our default.

A useful addition to this would be editing the URL of the QR code. Then you could set it to be Stripe or PayPal before the game. Then update to the game’s URL later if you need to.

We also want to roll out our own Stripe workflow where we basically do everything you’re doing but all inside of Crowdpurr. All you need to do is connect a Stripe account and everything else happens automatically.

This is very cool though for now! I assumed you could do something like this but wasn’t quite sure how easy it was to do with Stripe.


Hi…you may want to check if paying to play trivia in a bar/restaurant/brewery is allowed by your state.

I’m in NY and paying to play is not allowed as trivia is considered a ‘game of chance’ and if you pay to play it, it’s essentially gambling (NY has dumb laws, I know).