Post Your Ideas For New Library Bingo Games!

Please post what new BINGO game ideas that you would like to see added to our library of bingo games. Our amazing team of writers cranks out new bingo and trivia games every single week.

Feel free to post whatever ideas, trending topics, puzzle-style games, or standard category game ideas you have here.

Our team of writers and our trivia manager will chime in to discuss your ideas!

decades… 80s, 90s, 2000s 2010s
whether it be music or movies or maybe just trends/ hot items for those decades…
example - rubix cube, tamagotchi, furby

boy bands/songs - lol always a popular music bingo for us


Copy all. Good suggestions! We’ll be adding some more bingo games to the library in the coming weeks.

Ross, any plans for music bingo? We use another vendors software for this but would much rather use a Crowdpurr product!

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What’s the other vendor? I’d love to take a look to see how they handle the music part, specifically the licensing, etc. Do you upload your own music? Does it playback your existing “library” of music somehow?

Playing music live in a room and/or virtually through a mobile device is a big can of worms legally. Perhaps there’s some way around it by playing your “own” music somehow?

It is my understand that the venue is responsible for having the license to play music.

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Most states, that I know of and played. The venue has to carry the license. PPL is typically only issued to brick and mortar locations. The laws typically allow them to piggy back off of commercial streaming services. Once you start getting into charging people to use an app that has music on it. Then you are reselling licensed music, which would be the issue. Maybe team up with Tidal, Deezer, or a DJ pool like promo only. They can answer more questions.

I record all my music bingo clips through virtual dj as one long track. I record 20-30 second clips. I have used crowdpurr for music bingo and just put in all the songs that play and manually mark them off as they play. This wouldn’t be productive at all for everyone unless they had the tracks already

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