Feature Request: Only display correct text answer

Instead of showing all submitted answers on the answer reveal screen, I believe it would be beneficial to only display the “correct” answer. In addition to eliminating the need to screen the answers (the current profanity filter is a bit too sensitive), it would be a much better reveal to the audience on the projector view. Much more visible and quite frankly, nobody needs to see 25 wrong answers. (Though we do have fun reading out some of the wrong ones… but they don’t really need to be displayed)


I like this idea but as an option. I have had situations where displaying all the answers and making light of them has been part of the fun. So maybe a toggle to “Display ONLY Correct Answer” could be added. Either way, the talent using Crowdpurr will make the most of whatever is the default.


Agree. Just looking for the option. :slight_smile:

Making fun of the wrong answers is part of the fun but the talent would still be able to see the wrong answers on the dashboard and could still do so. (If you aren’t doing this… you should because the crowd loves it)

I’m just saying for the display that is shown when you hit the show correct answer toggle… I would love for that to just be the answer. Prominently displayed.

When you are in front of a large crowd of 100+, it does no good for the crowd to see a display with 45 wrong answers including 8 different misspellings of “Wisconsin”. :slight_smile:

Though, in a small group, it can be fun to actually see the wrong answers. But… the option would be nice. We have some shows coming up in front of some very large groups… 300+ and I’m thinking about creating separate graphics with just the correct answer. A toggle to display only the correct answer would save a LOT of time. :slight_smile:


This is a fantastic and obvious feature update. I think we were originally planning to do it, but it fell through the cracks.

I’ll add this to the high-priority list of updates. :+1:

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Actually, it looks like you’re supposed to be able to do this now, but it’s a bug on the Projector View.

On the Mobile View, if you just do Show Correct Answer (C) and don’t do Show Live Answer Results (A) it only displays the correct answer.

However, the Projector View still shows the incorrect answers when only doing Show Correct Answer (C).

We’ll get this bug fixed right away.


:+1: Fixed in the latest update Official Version Updates - #19 by RossN


FYI, there was a slight glitch in the latest update which made text answers not show on the Projector View. It’s been fixed now. Just an update if you saw this issue in the last day or so.