[SOLVED] Presentation View missing answers when enabling "Show Live Answer Results"

So this is kind of weird and intermittent. With text-answer trivia questions, I always like to show everyone’s answers (because my players are goofs and will write stupid crap if they don’t know the answer and that’s always good for yucks). However, 8 times out of 10, not all of these text answers will actually appear on screen when I hit “Show Live Answer Results.” Like, I can have 10 answers and only 3 will show up on screen. Which sucks when someone has submitted a funny one and they’re waiting to see it show up (I usually read them out, but that’s not as much fun).

Sometimes (like, 2 times out of 10) ALL the answers will show up on screen just as one would hope.

Complicating the issue is the fact that I’ve had players tell me that they can see ALL the answers on their phones (even if they can only see a handful of them on the presentation screen) but since I’m running the game, I can’t tell for sure if ALL the answers ALWAYS show up on their phones, or if the problem is intermittent there too.

Anyway, I touched on this in a previous bug report, and I found an old bug report (Results Not Showing) that is marked solved as of 2021 but it doesn’t seem to be solved, as least not for me.


Hi @saltpdx. Thanks for reporting this. We’ll take a look. I myself in some of our internal games have seen some issues with text-answer questions and results as well. Will report back with what we find and hopefully a solution.


Just an update to this issue. We were also able to see this issue occurring in development, however it’s tricky to reproduce consistently. Which makes it hard to solve.

We did make some corrections we found that may have been causing the issue as we’re currently not able to reproduce the issue in development any longer but we’re not 100% sure this fixes the issue (as we’re still not 100% sure what is causing it).

Please do report back here if you continue to see the issue. That will be helpful for us.


Thank you! I host trivia 2x a week, and will keep an eye on this issue and report back!

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Hi @saltpdx. Upon additional review, we were able to find the issue and resolve it once and for all. So you should no longer see this missing text/numerical answers on the Presentation View.