Feature Request: Text Answer First, Then Multiple Choice

So, I host pub trivia at several venues now, using this awesome platform (seriously, can’t say enough good things.)

I’d love the team to consider a feature whereby:

  1. Question is revealed, players can type in an answer, then:
  2. Multiple Choice options are revealed

This allows teams/players who totally know the answer right off the bat to get the most points, but also provide a hint in the second part of the timer countdown for teams who have no idea.

Right now I handle this by making the question a text question, then putting the multiple choice options in a note and revealing it halfway through the countdown. What makes this fun is players have to choose; if they’re confident in their answer, do they get the highest points by typing in the answer, or do they wait for me to reveal the options (one of which is sure to be correct)?

Anyway, hope this makes sense. I’m always trying to find ways to make this more fun for my teams. I have a lot of other ideas/suggestions but I haven’t posted before and I’m not sure this is where I should be submitting them, so please LMK if I’m in the right place!



Hi Mary, welcome to the Crowdpurr Community forum! This is an awesome feature suggestion and I’m super intrigued by your workaround.

When revealing the Question Note halfway through the question timer, do you then leave the note displayed for a few seconds before reverting back to the Active Question to allow the remaining players to type in their answer for fewer points (due to the Decreasing Points Timer)?

We appreciate you sending in this feedback and always welcome any suggestions you can provide!

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So how it works in practice is … I usually give 1:30 for questions. For the first 30 seconds I let people type in the answer if they know it. Then I flash the notes for about 10 seconds, read all of them (one of them is the correct answer). Then I turn notes off for the remaining ~45 seconds so players can type.

It would be better if they could continue to type while notes are up (but they can’t do that while the note is up, as you indicate) but it’s the best way I’ve figured to do it.

For tonight’s game I’m going to play with the timing, and also the point value of the answer. I think I’m going to make the point value bigger (like 300) so if someone knows and answers without a hint they get a bigger “win”. By the time they get the hint and type in the answer, the timer is at least 1/2 way down, so if they wait, they def get a lower payout.

Thanks for the reply! I love messing around with the mechanics of these games and looking for ways to make it more interactive & fun for the players.