Feature Request: Zoom embed for Host Streaming

OK, so many of us are looking for no-latency video options for doing online hosting. Zoom is great, but there is no embed option for it and I want to use Crowdpurr only.

Zoom offers the Zoom Web SDK which allows the embedding of Zoom into a website or app.

Theoretically, if the SDK is added to Crowdpurr in a similar way that YouTube and Twitch are, we should be able to drop a Zoom link or Meeting ID in to go Live direct with Zoom rather than having to use YouTube or Twitch with it.

Again, this would be for Host Only, nobody else would be part of the meeting (though I’m sure you could do a guest once in awhile pretty easily). I figure it should work given there are Wordpress plugins that allow you to embed a Zoom meeting into a website using this SDK.

Anyway, happy to help testing this out if needed!


Hi @TRIVI, good suggestion. We looked into the Zoom Web SDK when we added YouTube and Twitch embedding. The problem was it required the participant to still log into Zoom, which we thought was too clunky and too much friction after signing in already to a Crowdpurr experience.

Good news, we’re working on our own real-time embedded video solution. You should be hearing about it very soon. Thanks for your patience.