Which do you prefer - Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, or something else?

For those who do virtual events with Crowdpurr, when not doing mass streaming (e.g YouTube Live, Twitch, etc.), and just doing a virtual event for a relatively smaller audience…

What’s your go-to video teleconferencing software when using Crowdpurr?

  • Zoom
  • WebEx
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Other

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90% Zoom

Yes, simple Zoom integration would be awesome. Kahoot already has its own in zoom apps.

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Yeah we’ve been on the waitlist to get started for almost a year. Zoom opened it up to some companies and not others, and it’s still not open (despite their marketing claiming it is).

Google Meet! Free and available to everyone.


Any news regarding this integration?

Crowdpurr is now available in the Webex Application Hub. Here’s a link Crowdpurr Webex Embedded App.

Also, here’s our step-by-step tutorial to get set up and a five-minute YouTube video that explains how to use our Webex Embedded App.

NOTE: You may have to reach out to your Webex organization’s administrator to enable the Webex Application Hub and Crowdpurr. If you are your own administrator, then you should be able to do this yourself.

We’ll be covering the new Webex Embedded App in a monthly feature update very soon.

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We love using Bigmarker. We also wanting to use Crowdpurr with EcammLive to push it out to multiple platforms (ie YouTube, etc)

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How would you compensate for the multiple platform delays?

We have some users who do multi-platform streaming with Stream Yard. It even lets you add layering, scrolling text, images, etc. Like an easier-to-use, web-based version of OBS.

From what I’ve seen the delays aren’t too bad - usually less than 2-3 seconds, unless using with Facebook, which has their own built-in 10s delay.

Hello. I submitted a request asking for this as well, but is integration with MS Teams on your roadmap anytime soon? My company decided to start up some trivia for our employees and I suggested using Crowdpurr. It would be nice to have the option to integrate with our MS Teams that we use internally. Thanks!

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Hi Justin!

You can use Crowdpurr within MS Teams right now. Simply host a meeting and share the Projector View as a “Shared Window/Desktop”. Then all your participants can see it and play along on their mobile device. This is the same for Zoom.

For Webex, we actually have a plugin that allows players to join and play right inside of Webex. However, this isn’t much different than simply having a small web browser open next to your meeting software. The Webex plugin basically puts that browser inside the Webex window. It doesn’t work on the Webex mobile app, only on the desktop app. So… it’s not much different than having a browser open next to your meeting software.

With all that said, we are working on native plugins for Zoom (and eventually MS Teams). More importantly, we are working on our own embedded real-time streaming so that you will no longer need to use a third-party virtual meeting software (if you don’t want to). That’s coming in a few weeks.

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