[Fixed] Poorly worded question in new trivia game

In the trivia game “Turning 10 in 2023” question #9 is poorly worded:

For what college was Manti Te’o playing football in 2013 when he became a media sensation for being catfished?

The catfishing incident was uncovered in January 2013. While Tego did play 1 college game in January 2013 for Notre Dame (the National Championship game), it is incorrect to say he played football for Notre Dame in 2013 because he played in the NFL in 2013. . The NCAA counts championship games, bowl games, etc. with the year the regular season occurred, in this case 2012. The NFL does the same.

Here is a possible rewrite:

In January 2013 it was revealed that college football star Manti Te’o, from the University of ________, was the victim of a catfishing incident.

It’s a technical point, for sure, but most of those who will know the answer will argue the validity of the question as originally written. College football fans are known for their passion and arguing over the tiniest inconsistencies. Especially if they’re also trivia enthusiasts. :grinning:


I made some changes to the question to clear up any perceived slights from trivia players, although I would say that a player would have a rather difficult time arguing that the 2013 in the question prevented them from answering Notre Dame correctly. But I do see your point. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.