Dates on trivia

I thought there were published dates on trivia categories before. Is there anyway you could include publish date again?


Tagging along on this post to agree.

There does seem to be published dates still listed, but they aren’t the actual published date. For example most of the Christmas shows this year were actually posted last year. Same with thanksgiving.

On May the 4th - the star wars shows that were posted in 2020, were posted again in 2021. I had to open my old shows to see that I had already used all these shows.

We need the ACTUAL date of posting please, so that we know when we’ve used a show before.

The recycling of old shows to me is sorta unacceptable, but I understand that not everyone here has been with crowdpurr that long, so I see why you’d want to put them up front so all can see.

Make sense for the new people, but for those that have been here more than a few months…Me personally I’ve been with CP since June of 2020, so when old shows “appear” as new… the word “frustrated” doesn’t describe my feelings enough.

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Maybe have a “trivia this week” tab so we know what is brand new.

Copy all. All good reasonable feedback. The published date wackiness is due to how the Trending category works. The back-end currently resets the published date when we want to put something at the top of the trending list. We already have a solution in place to correct this but it is not live yet, but will be soon. So the “Published Date” resetting will stop happening and you’ll know if a trivia game is old or not. I can understand that being frustrating and I always worried about it to be honest.

We’ll probably continue to re-use older trivia games for recurring holidays. I don’t think’s best to write a new set of Star Wars #MayTheFourth games every single year. Or to rewrite holiday games on “Home Alone”, etc. There’s only so many questions to ask on certain topics. Perhaps on Star Wars we could write at least one new game as that’s a well of content. But not on other topics.

We’ll always try to add new games for the holidays that we haven’t done yet, like we did for Halloween and Christmas this year, but we’ll also highlight our older games/content as well.

This will be more clear once the “Published Date” stops resetting. We’ll be doing some design updates to the trivia library soon as well that will make it more clear and usable.

Thoughts on this?


More clear information on the games is great. It’s good to highlight the old stuff, this is true. I guess it just had a little learning curve when the older stuff started showing up and it took me a bit to realize what was going on.

I guess I understand not creating new ones… I mean… I still have to… I’ve run 2 full Star Wars themed night already, so this May if we do another one I’ll be creating 5 new shows for that night. Sure I can steal a question here and there from the older ones, but I have regulars that come to each of these theme ones, so running a previous created show unfortunately doesn’t work. But I’ll totally take a new Star Wars from you all! =) (Some of the newer star wars movies / streaming content too! The Mandalorian was a hit!!)

Same for the holidays --Yes we had some new ones for Halloween and December holidays, but I was asking Santa & Hanukkah Harry for more. lol

I say this totally joking Ross, but you gotta know it’s never gonna be enough for us! We’re a bunch of crazy hungry trivia hosts that can never be satisfied, lol!! <3

Thank you for your response, btw. =)

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