How do you set up sub-accounts/password with permissions?

I’d like to run multiple experiences. Is there a way to set up sub-accounts for my team. So they can log in, have access and run specific experiences?

Please advise.

Thank you


Hi @blackgossbo,

While there is not currently a way to set up sub-accounts at the moment, we do allow and support sharing a single account across multiple users, external agencies, and other admins. You do this by sharing your actual login credentials (e.g., email and password login).

Each user who logs into the account is free to create and edit as many unique Experiences as your plan allows and run them simultaneously . Just be aware that if multiple users try to edit or run the same Experience simultaneously , the app can behave unexpectedly. Each user will also have equal access to all of the account’s Experiences and data.

At the moment, our Development Team does have additional multi-user features on our roadmap, including the ability to create multiple logins for your account.


That’s great news! Any idea when that feature will be available?

We’re going to be working on it later this year. It’s a popular request.


Thanks for the quick response.
One more thing. How likely is it that Unified Experience will be released sometime this year?
That’ll make it so much easier to organize experiences, especially if multiple users will have access.

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Unified experiences are coming later this year.

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So we are later this year - when will sub accounts/permissions be added? Seems like a pretty simple feature to add

It’s definitely not simple. Crowdpurr for Teams is being actively worked on now and the goal is to release it at the end of November.

Hey Ross…I know things take time, any chance of an update on security levels for user access etc?