Participant Pool in Lotteries

I am running two trivia experiences, but only wish to run a lottery with participants in one experience. During testing, the lottery pulls participants from both experiences. Is there a way to limit the lottery to just pick participants exclusively from one particular experience?

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Hi @ercullenauthor, welcome to the Crowdpurr Community!

At this time, the Lotteries feature is designed to run for the single and current Experience that it is set up under and is also limited to whoever is currently connected to the Experience. As you mentioned running two trivia games, did you happen to use the Next Round feature to move participants from the first round to the next?

If so, this would automatically move your participants from the first game to the second round, while also automatically logging players into the second round. When conducting the Lotteries feature in the second game, it would appear to choose from the same pool of participants since all participants from the first game would have been moved over to the second game, as well.

In the meantime, we’d be more than happy to assist you further with this setup. In this case, please feel free to email our Help Desk at, along with your Experience Code(s).


Thank you for replying. I don’t believe I had the Next Round activated. But I just reset both experiences and tested it again and I think it’s working correctly for me. Perhaps I didn’t clear out all the participant data from my first testing runs. I’ll play around with it some more and do some tests just to make sure. Bui for now it looks likes I have it working. Thank you!!