Limit Lotteries to participants who joined by a specific time or actively participated for "x" number of questions

It would be nice to have the option to limit lottery participants and winners to those that joined an experience by a certain timeframe before or at the start of an experience, within a certain amount of time from when the experience was started, and/or by some metric tied to a participant’s level of participation (i.e. minimum number of questions answered, number of correct or incorrect answers, a points threshold, etc…). Thank you!

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Yes, very much agreed. We’ll be adding this soon.

It definitely makes sense to limit a lottery to those who actually participated versus those who signed in. We’ll update you here once we’ve added that.

We have some new lottery tweaks in the works.

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Would LOVE to see lottery have the ability to exclude previous winners in multi-game experiences. This is the main thing that is keeping us from using it.