Random Lottery Eliminations

Use Case: The game is “Winner Takes All” The prize pool can either be split between everyone or the crowd can be split at random and half the crowd is eliminated. Everyone votes on splitting the pool or splitting the crowd: but the vote to split the pool has to be unanimous. One vote to split the crowd triggers the crowd split. The prize pool can represent points, cash, tickets, etc. Whatever you’re giving away.


  1. Enter the Points in the Pool i.e. 5,000!!
  2. As people join the game, that number is divided by the number of participants and everyone can see what they could win.
  3. Take a vote.
  4. As the crowd gets split, the divided prize number increases for each player.
  5. The game ends with the remaining players winning the final amounts.
  6. If points, they are added to the winner(s)'s score(s). If not points, the leads/activity list records the winners and their winnings.

That is a specific use case, but could be used in any number of multi-round games. A definite alternative to points wagering.

The Random Lottery Eliminations could apply to regular trivia games where wrong answers could lead to your elimination.
“Of the 10 people who answered that question wrong, 1 unlucky player was eliminated.” So instead of losing 10 players all at once, 9 squeaked by to fight another day.


Indeed that sounds very cool, and quite involved. This would be something we might do for a Crowdpurr Custom project where we develop exactly what you want for an a la carte price. This is a bit too involved and complex though for us to add as an off-the-shelf feature at large for the entire app to access.

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