Official Version Updates

Version 3.4.5 - Minor Bug Fixes

  • Minor tweaks with sound effects configuration
  • Minor tweaks for a Crowdpurr Custom configuration

We’re back on the horse, with our first update in 2022 coming very soon.

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Version 3.4.6 - Configuration Updates

  • Minor configuration updates that don’t effect functionality

Version 3.4.7 - Points Wagering Beta

  • Points wagering beta released
  • Minor bug fixes
  • More details in upcoming major update release

Version 3.4.8 - Configuration Updates

  • Minor issues and bugs fixed

Version 3.5.0 - Official February 2022 Updates & Bug Fixes


  • Points Wagering (now with Question Hints & Custom Wager Time) :moneybag:
  • Rankings Indicators :arrow_up:
  • New Lose Points When Incorrect Options :x:
  • Configurable Crowd Control Mode Tabs :iphone:
  • Schedule End Time :alarm_clock:

Minor Updates:

  • New sound effects added on the Mobile View for signing in, placing a points wager, and when manually activating a question :boom:
  • Trivia Library Search Improvements
  • Subtle Mobile View Refinements

Bug Fixes:

  • When using points wagering, the upper-left-corner player points on the Mobile View now updates even if the host didn’t active Show Correct Answer (C) or Show Rankings Leaderboard (R) (or other rankings views). So the player always knows how many points they have prior to a points wager.

Version 3.5.1 - New Icons :star2:

  • Apple’s lawyer’s called (literally) and requested we remove any and all Apple emojis from the app. So you’ll start to notice our overhaul and migration to a properly licensed emoji and icon set.
  • Configuration updates

Version 3.5.2 - More New Icons :star2: and Bug Fixes :lady_beetle:

  • Added redesigned icons on the Create Experience page and on all pop-up dialogs including when answering on the Mobile View. Many of them are now animated!
  • Trivia question text is no longer selectable on the Mobile View in order to help prevent easy copying and pasting into Google to cheat (thanks to Michael Taylor for his post on our official Facebook Group letting us know about this)
  • Fixed a Crowd Controlled Mode bug where the time taken to complete the player sign-in page would run the first question’s timer down. Timer now starts correctly upon finishing sign in.
  • Bug fixes with Schedule End Time when removing and cloning experiences.
  • Minor design updates in various places.

Version 3.6.0 - Official April 2022 Updates & Bug Fixes


  • Answer Images - Add GIFs, Stock, & Uploaded Images to answer options :framed_picture:
  • Full Question & Answer Import/Export - Export questions, question media, answer options, answer images, and question notes! :arrows_counterclockwise:

Minor Updates :arrow_up:

  • The Projector View now displays long answers better in the bar chart when Show Live Answers (A) is enabled.
  • Adding GIFs, stock images, and uploading images has been unified across the app into an easier to use pop-up window
  • Notification Limits - Email and SMS notifications now follow a monthly limit. Additional notifications can be purchased.
  • Many under-the-hood updates to latest versions of Crowdpurr’s core dependencies, libraries, plugins, database, etc. for security and optimization. We’re now running the leanest, meanest, fastest, and most secure version of Crowdpurr.

Bug Fixes :lady_beetle:

  • Fixed a bug when older trivia games appeared on the Trending list, their Published Date would get updated to the current date. Now, determining if a trending library trivia game is old or new will be much easier, as their Published Date will never change.
  • Restored access to Facebook login. It started crashing due to changes to the Facebook API and policy (which occurs often these days).
  • Added Custom Pop-Up Images (Convention Plan feature) to bingo games
  • Fixed issue on the Projector View where a question’s YouTube video with Obscure Title enabled wasn’t showing the black bar if questions were advanced without showing the rankings first.
  • Fixed issue with Social Walls displaying an incorrect URL under the Experience Dashboard’s Settings → Social Channels → Crowdpurr Settings
  • Fixed an issue where resetting an experience with Remove Participant Accounts enabled would prevent removed participants in that experience from using the same email or phone number to sign into a previously visited experience.
  • Fixed Projector View bug where the Question Timer would reset upon a participant answering when using Points Wager mode. Thanks to @webmaster for reporting on our forum!
  • Fixed a bug where updating answer as correct on the Experience Dashboard caused the Mobile View’s upper-left-corner points to be different than the actual rankings.
  • Fixed a bug where after a question completes on the Mobile View, if no views are shown, and the next question is in Points Wager mode, it would display zero and not allow any wagers.
  • Fixed a very recent bug but that caused Crowdpurr to stop loading on Smart TV browsers and Amazon Fire Sticks

Version 3.6.1- Added Points Wagering to Question Import/Export, Bug Fixes :lady_beetle:

  • With this update, both points wagering and the points wager hint can be exported and imported. See sample CSVs when clicking Import Questions for details
  • Fixed a bug where blank answers did not import correctly from CSV
  • Fixed a bug where a question’s existing YouTube video could not be edited
  • Additional minor tweaks to under-the-hood processes
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Version 3.6.2 - Fixed Trivia Cheating Vulnerabilities, Points Wagering Bug Fixes :lady_beetle:

  • Through our customers, we discovered and fixed two cheat vulnerabilities that have been present for some time. Read more about security, cheating, and these two fixes on this forum thread (coming shortly).
  • Fixed a bug where points wagering was not correctly adding up negative points prior to a wager, among other points wagering issues. Sorry about this, we let some bugs out in our last update to points wagering. This fixes those.
  • Fixed a bug where switching the Experience Playback Mode could cause an existing open Mobile View to not function correctly with trivia scoring, points wagering, automatic timers, etc.
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Version 3.6.3 - Bug Fixes :lady_beetle:

  • Fixed bug where Per-Question Timers were not working on the Mobile View
  • Fixed bug where Facebook embeds of the Mobile View were not showing custom logos, titles, and descriptions correctly
  • Internal updates in preparation for “Trivia Night” launch :partying_face:
  • Additional minor bug fixes
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Version 3.6.4 - Maintenance Fixes :hammer_and_wrench:

  • This update resolves many hundreds of very minor issues in the codebase such as formatting, variable assignment, function names, etc.

Version 3.6.5 - Email Updates & Internal Updates

  • This update refreshes every “system” email that Crowdpurr sends to users. From signing up, to resetting a password, etc. all have had their design updated.
  • Updated some minor internal packages

Version 3.6.6 - Critical Bottleneck, Bugs, Maintenance, Security

  • Fixed a bottleneck bug that could cause server to hang when either removing a participant from the Experience Dashboard or when a participant removes themselves on the Mobile View (this fixes a recent issue posted to the Crowdpurr Facebook Group by Patrick Ahern)
  • Fixed a bug where Polls with unlimited voting enabled were not allowing unlimited voting for multiple-choice questions on the Mobile View
  • Internal updates to our email processing vendor
  • Internal security updates
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Version 3.6.7 - Minor Updates to System Emails :love_letter:

  • Finished up some loose ends on refreshing all system emails
  • Fixed bugs with our new email and list processor
  • Minor Crowdpurr Custom tweaks
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Version 3.6.8 - Bug Fixes to Image Uploading :framed_picture: :lady_beetle:

  • Fixed a critical bug where Basic Plan users couldn’t select stock images to add to Question Media and Answer Images
  • Cleaned up YouTube video selection on Question Media to properly hide the URL input when a video is selected
  • Fixed some missing UI copy when showing upgrade pop-up when trying to upload answer or question images when on the Basic Plan
  • Fixed crop box to have a purple color and be more noticeable when cropping uploaded and stock images and post images on the Mobile View
  • Slight visual refinements when selecting answer options on the Mobile View
  • Added a new “Updated” date indicator below the version on the About page of the Experience Dashboard and in the legal pop-up on the Mobile View
  • Fixed additional bugs with our new email and list processor
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Version 3.6.9 - Bug Fixes :lady_beetle:

  • Fixed a critical bug on the Mobile View where images could not be uploaded to social walls
  • Slight finessing on image uploading UI (updated cropping UI color, removed preview when uploading from Mobile View (UI was too crowded), tweaked preview image sizes)
  • Fixed bug when editing a question’s YouTube video, user could select a different image type (e.g. GIF, stock image, or upload) that would then incorrectly display the question media
  • Fixed issue on Projector View where the question timer and points incorrectly showed dark when enabling Dark Text Mode
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Version 3.6.10 - Lots of Bug Fixes :lady_beetle:

  • Fixed a significant bug that could allow cheating by calling the Results Summary on the Mobile View early. The Results Summary can now only be called when a trivia game is finished.
  • Fixed a bug that could display NaN for a player’s score on the Results Summary on the Mobile View.
  • Fixed a bug in Crowd Controlled Mode that would not show the automatic views, including the correct answer, if the player ran out of time answering.
  • Fixed UI jumpiness that occurred on the Experience Dashboard when switching questions when having question images of varying heights.
  • Fixed bug where VIP Guest List email notifications would fail if sending to more than 99 guests
  • Setting the Question Timer on the Experience Dashboard to zero now simply disables the Question Timer versus showing an error.
  • Fixed a severe bottleneck that caused server slowdown when marking multiple-choice or text/numerical answers as correct on a question on the Experience Dashboard when it already has thousands of votes.
  • Many smaller, but important internal updates

:sparkles: And hang tight… we have two fun, major features brewing in the background that are almost ready. Official feature updates are almost here. Taking care of some pesky bugs in the meantime.

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Version 3.6.11 - Bug Fixes :lady_beetle:

  • Fixed a recent bug that caused incorrect players scores when updating the correct answers of points-wager questions on the Experience Dashboard after the votes occurred. The score now updates accurately.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Mobile View to display a blank screen when a Countdown Timer reaches zero and kicks off an experience
  • Fixed a bug that caused text-answer results to no longer be centered on the Projector View
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Version 3.6.12 - Points Wagering Bug Fix :lady_beetle:

  • Fixed a bug on points wagering questions where no wager would be cast unless the actual “Place Wager” button was pressed. Restored functionality to where whatever numerical wager is in the input field will be used for the wager. So imply pressing “Zero”, “Half”, or “All”, or typing in a number, will be enough to place a wager as it now successfully gets captured when the points wager timer runs out.
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Version 3.7.0 - Experience Dashboard Performance and Bug Fixes :lady_beetle:

Although not a major feature update, we fixed a lot of issues.

  • Data table fixes! The data tables on the Crowd Activity tab, the Lead Capture → Participants tab, the Lead Capture → VIP Guest List, and the Lead Capture → Notifications now all function properly. With full search and sort support on every column of the table. These had been broken for a long time. They were also updated to require pressing the Enter to search to improve performance. :partying_face:
  • The Experience Dashboard and Experience List are much faster! We added new data caching so now loading your list of experiences will be much faster after the first time. The same for each Experience Dashboard page as well. After the initial load, it will load much faster. So navigating back and forth will be much snappier. Especially for those with a lot of experiences.
  • Corrected issues with the layout of unapproved text answers and unapproved social posts in the Experience Dashboard before being approved.
  • Additional minor bug fixes.

Version 3.7.1 - Bug Fixes :lady_beetle:

  • Fixed a bug where bingo squares on the Experience Dashboard no longer displayed the “Edit” pencil button.
  • Fixed a bug where adding questions from the trivia library from the Experience Dashboard was not refreshing with the newly added questions correctly.
  • Other minor bugs.