[SOLVED] Drag and Drop - Not displaying correct order

Doing an event this weekend and yes, I broke my own rule about not using new features in front of groups until they’ve been around and worked on for a couple of months. But… I was excited to use it. Not a great choice. :frowning:

In each round, I used a drag and drop order question. In all 6 rounds, when I displayed the correct answer on the display view, the display did not match the correct answer order. The items stayed in the order they were “randomly displayed” and just all turned green without being reordered correctly.

It does seem that they were scored correctly. Teams that put them in the proper order were given proper credit.

Just not a good look to the group.


I am so sorry about this gameplay hiccup and for any frustrations it caused over the weekend. Thank you for reporting this issue, and we’ll take a look at what could have happened so that it doesn’t happen again. We are, however, happy to hear about your excitement around our newest feature.

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It may have something to do with the fact that I imported these questions from a spreadsheet.

The answers from these experiences are still showing up in the incorrect order.

I just tested the game directly from the library and the answers are reordering as expected.

Hello, I had a lot of issues with order questions across multiple games and wanted to share my experience. For context, we run a 4 Round Trivia Night and this was the first Trivia Round. I reuse the same 4 experiences each week and re-write the questions. I export all data first, then reset the experience, add the new questions, test it and then reset it a final time before we begin the show. Here is what happened last week during 2 different events. We utilize practice questions to make sure everyone is able to play before we start the scoring question.

  1. The Audience would put the 4 items in order on their mobile device
  2. The question timer would count down until 0
  3. I would hit “A” to show the most common answer and often it never changed order
  4. I would hit “C” to show the correct answer
  5. Everyone got it wrong even when they had it in the correct order
  6. The game would display random percentages of how many people got things correct
  7. The export of “activity” from the game was not easy to ready to see who got what right or wrong so I could not answer questions on the fly.
  8. Reviewing the “UTVR1a - Activity Export Example.png” export later, there was a Participant not found, Team not found errors.
  9. Reviewing the “UTVR1b - Ranking Example.png” export the Participant and Teams are missing.
  10. Reviewing the “UTVR1c - Ranking Screenshot.png” Screenshot of the tab, the names and teams are there.


  • Put numbers on the answers to indicate the correct order.
  • Update the “Activity” so when exported it indicates which numerical order each choice was in when submitted versus what the correct order is.
  • Scroll left and right only with answers that contain images. Going Left to Right and Top to Bottom is difficult to answer.


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Hi @Joe.juneau, thank you for providing all of these details regarding the issues you’ve encountered.

At this time, we’ve created tickets for our team to review these issues; however, we do have a couple of follow-up questions to gather a bit more information for our team:

  • In regards to the Participant Not Found entries from the Crowd Activity export, do you happen to recall if you had the Allow Participants to Remove Data setting enabled for this Experience? When enabled, this setting would allow participants to remove their Experience data.

We sincerely appreciate all of your feedback and any details you can provide.

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Hi Jemma, you edited the response so I am assuming you got the data you were looking for. We do not allow participants to remove data as we had issues with scores in the past. I mentioned we had issues with the second game we played too and I’m including a screenshot for that as well. We reduced the order to just 3 to hopefully make it easier and that didn’t work either. I am happy to email you any of the exports or other data you might need to help troubleshoot. Thanks for looking into this!
I should also note that we collect email addresses and not phone numbers. The email address is a required field. We also used Advanced teams across multiple locations.

Hi @joe.juneau, thanks for your quick response!

Indeed, I realized the [ removed ] cells on the Crowd Activity and Rankings exports were likely edited after the fact and not the actual issue; however, we’d definitely appreciate any exports you can provide via email to our Help Desk at help@crowdpurr.com.

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Hi @Joe.juneau, our Development Team has since issued a fix for the following issues from your forum post:

  • Drag & Drop Reorder: There was previously a bug that would not award correctly cast answers with points after removing a Drag & Drop answer option on the Questions tab; however, this has since been fixed and should now be working as normal for edited answer options on a Drag & Drop question.

  • Answered Correctly Percentage: The inaccurate % Answered Correct bug displayed on your screenshot has also been fixed in our latest update.

For more information on what this latest app update entailed, please check out the following forum thread: Official Version Updates #69

Awesome news.


Please accept our apologies on this one. This was a significant bug that slipped out on the new Drag & Drop Order questions.

The issue occurred if you removed any of the Drag & Drop answer options on the Experience Dashboard during the editing process. If the answer wasn’t the last answer option, the remaining answers would get their order corrupted causing the following issues:

  • When enabling Show Live Answer Results (A) the “Top Voted Order” would not be accurate
  • When enabling Show Correct Answer (C) the correct displayed order would not be accurate, would not animate, and would show all green (reported above)
  • Votes cast with the correct order would not be rewarded and not indicated as correct. (reported above)

If you never removed any answer options after updating a question to Drag & Drop Order (or after cloning directly from the library) you would not experience this issue.

We have also went back and fixed any corrupted answer options for all Drag & Drop Order questions.

If this caused you serious issues during a live game, please reach out to our help email address and we’ll make it right for you.

This one’s a bummer as we worked really hard to fully test and hammer out all the bugs, but, they still can slip out. We know it’s the worst when things go wrong during actual live events. We’ll keep trying harder and improving our testing process.

:slight_smile: It DID cause issues during a large game and was quite embarrassing. There is no need to “make it right”. I know better than to use a new feature in front a large and live crowd without fully testing it. It’s on me.

I will say, just for your info and testing purposes… My issue was NOT caused by removing or updating answer options because there were no answer options to be removed, as I imported everything. These were not questions from the database. I created a six-round, 10 question/rd game all in a spreadsheet. I then created a round with no questions from the database. Cloned it 5 times. Uploaded the CVS file for each round. I did not remove or alter any of the questions, including the reorder questions.

I’m going to do the same thing today for a large event this weekend. I will fully test the reorder questions beforehand and let you know if the fix took care of the issue.

Thanks for working on it. :slight_smile:

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As a paying customer, no it’s not. It’s actually on us.

Hmm, this is curious then. Will do more testing of importing today and verify answer options for Drag & Drop are importing correctly. Thanks for the details. Will confirm back here with the findings.

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I just did a CSV import test on a bunch of variations of Drag & Drop Order questions and they imported correctly and didn’t experience the issue from this thread.

Would you mind sending over the CSV you used that experienced the issue? We would love to test it and see if we can reproduce any issues. You can email it to our help email.

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I can send over the CSV but I think the fix you put in took care of the issue.

I just uploaded an entirely new set of rounds but I used the exact same procedure as I used before. (In fact, the base spreadsheet and most of the questions were the exact same).

I just tested the d&d questions and they worked perfectly.

Thanks so much for fixing this. This is a very fun addition to the game and I’m glad I can use it this weekend. :slight_smile:


Sadly. This is not fixed yet.

I’ve done two more events and the same issue happened during both events.

The answers are being scored correctly and I’ve been told that the mobile view is updating correctly. The presentation view is where the issue is happening.

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Hi @dandeibert, we’re sorry to hear you’v’e encountered this issue again.

Just to clarify, are you currently experiencing the Presentation View not displaying the correct order when the Correct Answer view is displayed and/or incorrect live answer percentages?

Live answer percentages seem to be displaying correctly.

The issue is that when I select the hotkey to display the correct answers, the answer options do not move and just turn green. This happens on each drag and drop question I’ve asked.

Hi @dandeibert, thank you for this update. If possible, would you be able to send the Experience Code for the specific game you’re encountering this issue in via an email to our Help Desk at help@crowdpurr.com?

So this is NOT RESOVLED???
We are still experiencing the issue on the projection view but it works on the phones of the players.

so if we alter the question in any way it screws it up? Does that mean we cannot make our own?



Unless it was fixed in the latest update, no, it has not been resolved. Here is the problem and workaround Jemma sent to me:

After testing out the Experiences you’ve provided, it looks like Drag & Drop questions are not reverting to the correct answer order on solely the Presentation View when the Automatically Start Question setting is disabled and the Hide Answers Before Question Starts is enabled. However, if you disable the Hide Answers Before Question Starts or enable the Automatically Start Question setting, the Presentation View will work as normal and display the correct answer order for a Drag & Drop question. At this time, we’ve gone ahead and created a ticket for this issue for our team to resolve further.

In the meantime, you may want to either enable the Automatically Start Question or disable the Hide Answers Before Question Starts setting right before the Drag & Drop question. After the Drag & Drop question has ended, you can then revert back to the previous Question Timer setting. (i.e. Revert back to manually starting the question with the Hide Answers Before Questions start re-enabled)

I’m too busy hosting the trivia game to deal with this so I’ve just stopped using drop and drag until I can confirm that this is fixed. Too bad, too because it’s a great feature.