Official Version Updates

For the geeks like me, any way to find out what tweaks, bug fixes or new features you are adding with every version of upgrade you are making.
Version 3.2.3 is the current (At the time of writing this)


Yes! I love this idea. We’ve been meaning forever to put this in the main app under the About section so users could know this. For now, I’m happy to post it here, then transfer this over eventually.

I’ll put major updates as large title entries, and minor updates as small entries. I warn you, most updates are not very glamorous or exciting. But if it’s a new feature or beta, you can find out here first. Most users might be surprised at how much work and updates are happening, that are not related to new features or actual functionality. A web app has a a lot of moving parts.

Version 3.2.2 - Automatic Disconnect Facebook

  • We’ve added a new Disconnect Facebook button under the My Account page that allows Facebook-login users to remove Facebook easily (before you had to email support). Upon clicking this button: Crowdpurr will be removed from the user’s Facebook list of authorized apps, the user will be logged out, and a Reset Password email will be sent to their email allowing them to add a new login password and log back in.

Version 3.2.3 - Security Updates

  • Updated client-side HTTP headers for additional security. This includes removing the ability to universally embed the Projector View and Mobile View in an IFRAME. If you need to do this, you still can, but you’ll need to contact
  • Deleting a Crowdpurr account now requires that the user authenticate prior to by inputting their password.
  • When a user updates their password, an email confirmation is now sent for security.

Version 3.2.4 - Security, Experience Dashboard, & Webex

  • We added several under-the-hood security improvements.
  • We added new styling for the Experience Dashboard when used at narrower resolutions to make it easier to use. These were much needed and are also necessary for our forthcoming Webex Embedded App integration. Feel free to check it out by using the Experience Dashboard in a very narrow browser, on your tablet, or on your mobile device. (This is a work-in-progress.)
  • Added beta version of our Webex Embedded App integration for use by internal testing team.

Hang in there with us. A large functional update with many new features is just around the corner.


Version 3.2.5 - Continued Webex, Minor UI Refinements, Custom Fonts

  • We continued work on improved styling for the Experience Dashboard when used at narrower resolutions. Including a new toggle button to hide the controls so you can just focus on the trivia questions and use the keyboard shortcuts. Feel free to try it out. Make your browser width small and find the new button to the left of the title on the Experience Dashboard. You’ll notice triggering the rankings via keyboard shortcut when the controls are hidden automatically shows the Rankings tab so you can see the rankings. And when switching a question, you’ll return to the Questions tab conversely.
  • We’re making slight UI tweaks to give things a cleaner look (less icons everywhere for one). More of these are coming as we start a phased UI update for Crowdpurr. Very excited about this.
  • We added some initial work for selectable fonts and additional styling on the Projector View and Mobile View. This will be a forthcoming feature after we ship the next month or two of features already on deck.

Version 3.2.6 - Larger QR Code, Minor UI Fixes, Logging

  • The Projector View (PV) QR code now displays large and center when an experience is in the initial state versus small and down in the corner. The QR code can be disabled in the PV settings if this is not wanted.
  • Fixed a UI bug on the Experience Dashboard (ED) with bingo square images that was caused by the recent ED styling updates
  • More Webex integration stylings
  • Added needed server logs for some operations that weren’t logging to help with auditing issues

Version 3.2.7 - Experience Dashboard Refinements

  • Added additional style refinements to the Experience Dashboard (ED) in the newly updated small-screen device layout (which will also be used in the Webex integration)
  • Known Bug: There’s a bug with the Next Round button on the ED in the new layout for small-screen devices (thanks @shane for reporting). It has been fixed and will be updated in the next version update. Just stretch the ED back to a larger size for it to work in the meantime.

Version 3.2.8 - Minor New Account Fixes

  • Added processing corrections when new accounts are created.
  • Added private features for a “Crowdpurr Custom” customer.
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Version 3.2.9 - Webex Integration, Experience Dashboard, and minor updates

  • Finished the initial version of our Webex integration. This will be publicly released later in October.
  • Added the Question Timer at the top of the Experience Dashboard when the controls are collapsed. This allows visibility of the Question Timer when using the collapsed mode. It also keeps the Next Round button always visible.
  • Fixes to “?” pop-up labels.
  • Fixes to Experience Dashboard Viewer Control buttons for polls, social walls, and bingo.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Version 3.3.0 - Optimizations and Bug Fixes

  • We’re 95% finished with an overhaul of the synchronization engine that runs under-the-hood of Crowdpurr. This is intended to correct issues with some participants not getting an updated question, not going to the next round, and occasional issues with the answer results and rankings not working. All of these are caused by spikes in traffic in the app which this overhaul corrects. The update is not in place yet, but 95% of the testing and preparation is in place. We have one last issue to test before it’s released to production.
  • In the process of reworking various parts of the app under-the-hood, we found numerous small bugs and optimizations that will make the app work better (even before the update).

Version 3.3.1 - New Keyboard Shortcut and Bug Fixes

  • We added a fun new keyboard shortcut on the P key on the Experience Dashboard. This will either do a Start Countdown, Skip Countdown, Start Experience, Pause, Unpause, or Reset Experience based on what state the experience is in. Think of it as a “state advancer” keyboard shortcut. It does everything but trigger a Finish Experience (you still need to click the red stop button for that). Once your experience is active, it will default to Pause and Unpause until you finish your experience. Then it works as Reset Experience. It also works on the Projector View but only to Pause and Unpause (as the Projector View doesn’t show the confirmations needed for other state changes). See more on the “Keyboard Shortcuts Available” popup.
  • Lots of small bug fixes from our overhaul work from the last few days. Keep emailing us bugs if you see them.

Version 3.3.2 - Mobile View Under-The-Hood Improvements

  • This release removed some under-the-hood “safety nets” that our new synchronization core no longer needs. It’s part of our update to the synchronization engine. You should see the Mobile View run snappier and have less “thinking dots” due to this change. Our big update to the new engine is coming in the next day or two (and then a feature update that you’ve been waiting so patiently for).

Version 3.3.3 - Bug Fixes, Update to Projector View & QR Code

  • Fixed a bug where removing Question Media would throw errors
  • Fixed a bug when editing existing YouTube videos on questions
  • Fixed bugs when removing Custom Ad image files for Convention Plan users
  • Corrected the order of list of Next Round experiences and list of Multi-Game Rankings experiences to match order of user’s main Experience List. Makes finding experiences in each of these lists much easier when user has a lot of experiences.
  • Under-the-hood adjustments to exporting rankings, crowd activity, and participant list to CSV.
  • Redesigned how the Projector View displays the QR code when an experience is in initial state. Now shows experience logo in upper-corner with a large QR code to the left of the main message. Can still disable QR code to return experience logo to center of screen.

Version 3.3.4 - Red “Cached Participant Bug” Fix on Mobile View

Ever had participants report seeing this error?

  • This update adds a significant redesign to how participants are added to experiences on the Mobile View which resolves the above error. This error could occur for some participants when Crowdpurr has heavy surges of new participants joining experiences. The app wasn’t allowing enough time for participants to be added to the database before permitting them to participate. There was also a secondary bug causing a massive slowdown in adding participants when very large VIP Guest Lists were used which exacerbated the first issue. This update adds a significant performance gain and properly waits for all participants to be reported as added before allowing entry into an experience.

Version 3.3.5 - Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when reordering a question’s answer options using drag n’ drop
  • Fixed a bug that caused some browsers to hang when using the menu of the Question Notes interface

Version 3.3.6 - Minor Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug with QR codes not working when using a Custom URL and non-linked experiences
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Version 3.3.7 - BINGO Love & More Bug Fixes

We fixed a lot of issues with BINGO in this update.

  • Fixed a bug that would throw a red error on the Mobile View when resetting a BINGO game with existing players that stay connected.
  • BINGO now works with Advanced Team Mode.
  • BINGO now works with Multi-Game Rankings. NOTE: When mixing trivia games and BINGO games, only the rankings and points are accurate. Mixing of bingo squares, trivia questions, percentage correct, etc. etc. isn’t completely fleshed out. But overall points and rankings do work so you can mix these experience types successfully.
  • BINGO data exports now work! You can export BINGO rankings, BINGO crowd activity, and BINGO lead capture.
  • Marking BINGO squares on the Mobile View is now faster.
  • Fixed a bug where repeatedly pressing an eligible BINGO square could cause an issue where multiple squares get marked erroneously.

Other bugs:

  • Fixed a bug where Question Notes could not be enabled on Polls
  • Fixed a bug where having over five multiple-choice answer options in Show Live Answer Results on the Projector View would not scroll to answer options past the fifth answer option.
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Version 3.3.8 - Polish Language, Bug Fixes, & Minor Improvements

  • Polish is now a selectable language for the Projector View and Mobile View
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error exporting Crowd Activity on Polls
  • Fixed some minor bugs in BINGO internationalization labels
  • Fixed a bug where YouTube videos would keep playing on the Experience Dashboard on the Question Media popup for a question after closing the popup.
  • Lotteries can now be cloned! New button added on existing lotteries to allow this.
  • When adding or reordering questions, the Experience Dashboard no longer jumps to the top of the page. It now behaves more gracefully showing a loader until the operation is finished.

Version 3.4.0 - Official November Updates & Bug Fixes


  • Background Music & Sound Effects :boom:
  • Searchable Trivia & Bingo Library
  • Download QR code from the Experience Dashboard

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where lottery results omitted last name of participants when collected
  • Fixed a bug with updating the Projector View’s Cycle Rankings Leaderboard not working
  • Minor UI updates

Version 3.4.1 - Danish Language, Bug Fixes

  • Danish :denmark: is now a selectable language for the Projector View and Mobile View
  • The Projector View now matches the Mobile View behavior when showing text-answer question results. Enabling only Show Correct Answer (C) will only show the one correct answer, versus all submitted text answers too. To see all submitted text answers (e.g. silliness, shenanigans, profanity, etc.) enable Show Live Answer Results (A). This can then be combined with Show Correct Answer (C).
  • Fixed a bug on the Experience Dashboard where the Question Tools button did not reduce to only an icon in very small resolutions
  • Fixed bugs in internal admin tools

Version 3.4.2 - Sound Improvements, Bug Fixes

  • Improved sound effects performance with an update to the engine that plays them. They now load better and faster, are mixed better (due to programmatic volume control), and no longer have issues with cutting-off as noticed on some mobile devices and browsers.
  • Fixed a nasty bug where the active question doesn’t update for some players and instead they see the three loading dots ··· until they refresh. This was caused by an earlier update we did about six weeks ago.
  • Updated Polish :poland: language translation with some refinements based on user feedback.
  • Fixed a bug where a poll using Manually Start Question and Use Question Timer would incorrectly start the timer on the first question of the poll.
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