A few feature requests: static page, experience organization, custom mark

  1. Static page
    I need to have a static page between rounds to showcase a sponsor on a full page. That page can be a stand-alone experience you can redirect players to and from.

  2. Organize experiences
    I plan on creating many experiences. It’d be great to organize them in folders. 1 full game can consist of multiple experiences. Maybe tag experiences?

  3. Brand how squares are marked
    When a bingo squared is marked, what if we could use a custom image.

This platform is very robust and your team has done an amazing job. Thank you


Agreed. We do 10 questions and than a break. A static page would be great! Right now, we just insert a text answer with no correct answer and a point value of 1 (zero is not an option). It’s not an elegant work around, but it gets the job done!

Hi @blackgossbo, thanks for providing all of these great feature suggestions!

I wanted to provide a workaround and point out a current feature you may be interested in based on your post.

  1. Static Page Workaround Between Rounds: For your use case, it sounds like you may be interested in the External URL feature, which is available on the Classroom Plan and higher. This would entail using the Next Round feature which allows you to send your participants directly to a specified Crowdpurr Experience. However, you can send participants directly to an External URL of your choice at the end of a round instead of a Crowdpurr Experience. Since you mentioned you would like to showcase a sponsor on a full page, the External URL can be the image address of a sponsor photo uploaded on an external image-hosting site or simply an actual website of your choice. Upon triggering the Next Round to an External URL, the Mobile View of the Experience will then automatically move your participants to the set URL.

    Please note, there is currently no way to bring participants back from an External URL. Thus, if you would like to send participants to a URL at the end of a round but have another trivia round to play through after, participants would have to enter the next round’s URL or Experience Code to access it.

    Here’s more information on how to set an External URL as the Next Round: Next Round Explained

  2. Branding for Marking Bingo Squares: It also sounds like you may be referring to uploading a custom image in place of the default icon within the pop up that appears when a participant marks a square such as the following:

    If so, I’m happy to report you can currently do so by uploading your own Custom Pop Up Ad, which is a feature available on our Convention Plan. The uploaded pop up ad would basically appear anytime a participant votes, answers a question, posts a message to a Social Wall, or marks a square on a Bingo card. Additionally, here’s more information on the Custom Pop Up Ad feature: Upload Custom Pop-Up Ads

Good deal. Thanks for your response.
What about organizing experiences in folders?

Thought I’d offer some ideas to help with the Between Round Breaks.

We fill our breaks with one-off questions and fun.
At a sports bar, for instance, “How many kegs does this bar go through on an NFL Sunday?” Instead of tracking points, offer giveaways as prizes. Closest wins.
We also let the teams vote on the best team name. We copy the team names into a question without an answer set. Then we show the live answer results during the break. We don’t select the winning answer but award that team a door prize.
You could also offer a bonus question related to the previous round. For instance, after a music round, “What is the total run time of all the songs from the previous round?” Most of these questions are more about guessing rather than knowing.
You could even set a timer for the question that would work as a clock for the break timing.

Sometimes we would use one experience for the welcome, plus a practice question, and bring everyone back to it between rounds with the above interactions. It takes a little bit of work to make sure you’re always sending participants to the correct round, but it’s a great way to keep everyone participating with interactive fun.

@blackgossbo Great feature suggestions!

We are actually starting to work on a cool new feature for doing static pages between rounds (and questions). Including a built-in editor to create these (think Instagram Stories).

We also will be adding experience folders/tags soon.

And as @jemma mentioned, you can display custom images on the pop-up that is shown when marking a square (a feature of the Convention Plan). However, you can’t have custom images instead of the blue circle when a square is marked on the bingo card. That’s a cool idea, but probably not one we will work on soon.

So the first two, we are working on and will be coming out later this year.

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