Problem: team switched phones, used same info, but new team created anyway

So at my trivia game the other night, a team was using one guy’s phone and then that guy had to leave. So I told them just to sign in with the same email address and team name (and I checked across both games, they did use the same email account.) But even after relogging in with the same info on a different phone, the team got “split” into two instances, which played havoc with my scoring (this is a venue that awards gift cards based on high scores across two games, so I need to rely on multi-game scoring.

Is this a known issue? As far as I can tell, the only trigger for this happening was that the team switched phones. Having hosted trivia for several years now (not using Crowdpurr) I know that teams will often need to switch phones, so if there’s some other way to handle this (that doesn’t result in a new team instance being created) I’d really like to know.


Hi Mary,

Thanks for posting! I’m happy to help troubleshoot.

Do you happen to recall if your game(s) had the Allow Participants to Sign Back In feature enabled? This feature is located under the purple Leads tab then Lead Capture Settings section as displayed below:

When enabled, this feature allows participants to sign back into their participant account using either their Email Address or Phone Number. This option is beneficial if a player’s device turns off during the game and they are required to log in to the game using a different device while retaining their original participant account. Please note, this setting does require either the Email Address or Phone Number lead capture fields to be enabled for your Experiences.

I always enable that. I just double checked and yes, it was enabled for both games.

Thanks for the clarification!

In that case, I can think of one cause as to the duplicate account. Did the duplicate account form during the second trivia game in your use case?

For instance, the Multi-Game Rankings feature still depends on players using the same account for each Trivia Game. If a player signs into a future game within the multi-round event using a new device or web browser while using the same email address or phone number, then they’ll lose out on their previous account. However, if a player signs into Round 1 and then signs back in using a different device before being moved to Round 2, they’ll still retain their participant account and scores from Round 1.

Oh ho, that must be it.

After game one finished I moved straight to the next round, because I use the Game 2 countdown timer to show the amount of time players have for intermission. The team came up during intermission to tell me they were switching phones.

I would guess that’s a pretty common use case (a host using the timer as an intermission countdown) it would be nice if there was a way around this. I could just wait to the last minute and start game 2 after intermission (to make sure no one is switching phones) but then I don’t get the benefit of the countdown timer showing the amount of intermission left.

It’s a bit of a conundrum from a show running perspective, but at least now I think the mystery is solved. Thanks!

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I agree! This is frequently an issue as customers will use their phone during a break then try to log back in when they lose their place. I would love a fix for this problem!