Teams should be able to link phones with a non-case sensitive team name only

I run a busy bar trivia game (around 90 players typically), and players are having trouble joining their team properly. They may capitalize a letter, enter a different email, etc. This leads to multiple team entries of the same name with points left on the table. EX: Great Barrier Queef had three entries on the scoreboard with different points. Since, as I understand it, the first answer in from the team is the one that gets recorded, I have no clue how to add these other points into the overall total, or which Barrier phone is in the lead. This could all be remedied by offering a “Type in your Team Name” Feature. I have no interest in lead capturing with emails. I just want my players to scan the QR, type in a name, and be signed up and linked to their teammates. The follow along thing is useless. Players want to see the questions and gifs, as I use them for hints, and I do a picture round. Sitting around someone else’s phone isn’t any fun. Please address!!

Please see Improved Basic Team Mode - “Follow Along” Participants.

“Follow Along” participants would actually solve the issue. It was be as if they’re playing, they would see everything the actual team leader sees, they just can’t vote. We’re working on a more robust solution.

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