Search Questions Within Trivia Database

I know this has already come up and I am probably the one who asked for it - I just couldn’t find the topic about it in the community search - sorry for the repeat.

So - love the fact that we can search for question packs by typing in the search bar. Can we PLEASE extend this to search within each pack as well.
For instance, if I search “batman” i will get a trivia pack named “batman” but i know for sure in the DC pack or in some of the movie packs, there are a few batman questions within them - they are just not detected in the search.

This would be super helpful to create our own mega pack!


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We’re going to extend the library search into question content as well. We have a few other features ahead of this, but it will be coming. Probably in another month or two.

Awesome! can’t wait! Thanks again

hey ross,
what does this error mean?

Hi @ssedjs,

It looks like the error code you’ve received is indicating Questions 3, 4, 5, 57, and 73 of your spreadsheet are linked to Question Images that are not uploaded to other Experiences on your account. Additionally, here’s an important note from Ross in this thread regarding the revamped exporting and importing tools, specifically when importing uploaded images and stock images from Pixabay:

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