Can't import questions into an old experience

With the April 2022 update, I’m not longer able to import questions into an experience I’ve been reusing since 2020.

Is there a way to “migrate” my old experience to allow for the import feature to work again, and STILL KEEP my “trivia game code” the same? (Keeping the same code is the ultimate goal.)

Hi @JustinKohnen,

It sounds like you may be using an outdated exporting/importing template that may not have the current and up-to-date columns used within the latest template.

If you’d like to “migrate” your old Experience such as its questions and answers into your main Experience, you would first have to use the Export Questions tool on the old Experience. This will export all of your questions and answers as a CSV file spreadsheet with the latest column updates. If you open up the CSV spreadsheet, you should find the newly added columns such as Question Media URL and Question Notes. We also have more information on the revamped importing and exporting tools in our latest blog post.

From there, you can import the exported CSV file spreadsheet into the Experience you have been reusing. Just a friendly reminder, importing questions will remove all crowd responses in your experience, as well as all existing questions and answers.