Import Question Notes?

I’m not seeing anything on the Import page, but is it possible to import Question Notes as well? If so, what should the header be?

I’m working on questions for a TV based experience and want to use the notes to reference episodes and things that were said that relate to the question.


As far as I’ve been able to find there’s no ability to import or export notes, images, and/or links. (youtube videos, gifs, etc)

This includes the question media too.

So… I added my own column for Notes at the very end, it didn’t import into the Notes, BUT it did import as a Question Answer, so I can copy/paste from there and then delete, which is much easier than going back and forth to the spreadsheet.

Not perfect, but interesting workaround that is saving some time!


That’s a much more creative idea than how I do it!

I’ve got a word doc for every show with notes, links and anything else needed and then just copy paste back and forth… very time consuming.

Another thing that would be nice is if the default formatting for the question notes could be set somewhere in the Settings. Every time I paste notes, I’ve got to change the justification and change font sizes so it’s large enough to read on the projector view. Again, time consuming.



The Import Question Tools feature does not currently support importing Question Notes at this time; however, this would indeed be a helpful ability to add onto the current importing tool so we’ll be sure to jot this feature suggestion down.

Lastly, thanks for sharing your workaround as it’s a really neat and interesting process for quickly copying and pasting text into a Question Note.

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The workaround worked pretty good, though it randomly places the answers, so it’s never in the same spot. Still worked well for me and I got all the notes added pretty quick because of it.

Will be a lot easier if can import Notes and media though.

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We use this same trick with embedded youtube videos, right click on the video, click on " copy url with start time" ← something to that extent
Then add another answer and paste the url in there.
Do this with all questions that have a video or notes, THEN export. It will be there the next time you inport. Yes time consuming! VERY.
as far as photos, we have a game photo folder with sub folders for each themed quiz and we save each photo by renaming it with the question number and brief desciptive… 03 harry wand.jpg
This is a good method if you consistently reuse quizes like we do and only have the 10 experience subscription lol.

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Just a friendly update that exporting and importing question media (gifs, images, YouTube), answer images (gifs, images), and question notes is now live! Check it out in our latest update.

There is one important part of exporting and importing any uploaded images and stock images… for them to re-import correctly they must still be on an experience in your account. Or they must be an image from a library game. If you’ve uploaded an image or added a stock image, then export it to CSV, then delete the game/question/image, it will not reimport the uploaded/stock image.

GIFs and YouTube videos export and import no matter what, but your account must have your uploaded image still in some game somewhere or it must be in the library (a cloned library game that has an uploaded image).

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