[SOLVED] AI quiz of 15 questions yielding 5

So excited about the AI quiz builder. I know it’s in beta so just reporting, not complaining. :smile:
Generated two quizzes of 15 questions. Each only created 5.
Both were:
Team Trivia / AI Builder:
“70’s movies”
Question Count: 15
Difficulty: Increasing
Types: Multiple Choice
Include Fun Facts


The number of questions you get depends on the level of platform you are subscribed to.

Hi @huntstreet.

Indeed, we are seeing this as well. The issue is the AI uses LLM (large language models) under the hood which are good at generating written words but not the best at counting.

Our first beta first version uses an early AI model that is not as smart as current models that are available. But we wanted to start on the earlier models because they are 1) cheaper to use and 2) much faster to use. We wanted to see how much usage the tool received and how much it cost us to provide to our users.

We will be updating the model under-the-hood fairly soon, so accuracy and question count should improve. Also, it’ knowledge will update to April 2023 (versus 2021 now).

In our testing, we didn’t notice the question count issue too often. Seemed to happen more with obscure topics where there isn’t a lot of material on the Internet for it to generate content.

We’re monitoring this though. Thanks for taking the time to post!


The free Basic Plan allows 45 questions before needing to upgrade. All upgraded plans allow unlimited questions, but the most you can do at any one time is 15 questions. Which it appears the user above is requesting as their screenshots say “Generated 15 qeustions for topic…”

Just wanted to update here that we recently upgraded the AI models underneath the hood and you should now get accurate generated question counts, much better quality questions, and access to knowledge up to late 2023! The new model is a noticeably slower, but works much better.

Details in our version 4.4.2 update.