Trivia Library Topic Variety

It seems that, as of late, most of the new topics in the Trivia library concern movies, TV, and sports, along with the occasional “General Knowledge” type topics. I would love to see more variety - including History, Geography, and Literature.


I concur.

It would be nice to see a few new “traditional” topics each week in addition to the pop topics. Old School Crowdpurr style. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for reaching out regarding this topic.

In an effort to fortify our trivia library with games devoted to specific pop culture properties—based on repeated requests from users—we indeed have dedicated a significant chunk of our newly published games to movies, TV, sports, etc. as of late. But we have also recently published some history and geography games, and I do try each week to include at least one general topic game and an additional game that is not intellectual property related.

Publishing only eight new games a week does limit how varied we can get from week to week, but I do hear your concerns. I greatly appreciate the feedback, and I will definitely look into providing more “General Knowledge” games across a wider variety of topics.

Are there any specific areas that you’d like to see more of, besides those previously mentioned? We are always open to topic suggestions. Thank you again for bringing this to my attention, and I will strive to find that balance and continue to provide the best overall trivia experience for you and your players, no matter the demographic.

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Hey @TriviaManager ,

Completely understand that finding that balance is a fine line. Not sure you can ever really get it perfect since everyone has different needs.

I will also add that I think you’ve done a good job including lots of 80’s 90’s type questions frequently into the mix.

I mostly do large corporate events and so finding questions from the database is pretty easy as these groups are not regulars.

I do run a smaller, weekly game that has an audience in the range of say 35-60 and a lot of the “pop culture” questions are lost on them. So, instead of using them, I just create my own categories. I usually have to come up with 30ish questions a week, only able to use 20 or so of the crowdpurr questions. (we do 5 rounds, 10 questions each round) It’s NOT a big deal but I will say it makes me smile when I only have to come up with 5-10 questions. :slight_smile:

Also, this group has been doing this for a 3 years now so they’ve all of the "general: questions in the crowdpurr database. :slight_smile:

Again, I know what you are trying to do regarding building the database. Makes sense. Just sharing a few thoughts.