What Trivia Games Would You Like To See in the Library?

Please post what new trivia game ideas that you would like to see added to our weekly trivia database. Our amazing team of trivia writers cranks out new trivia games every single week.

Feel free to post whatever trivia ideas, trending topics, puzzle-style games, or standard category game ideas you have here.

Our team of trivia writers and our trivia manager will chime in to discuss your ideas!

I think the variety of topics that are in the library are sufficiently diverse, although I could definitely use more Kitchen Sink/Everything Bagel quizzes. My biggest request would be more of them!

I go through 56 questions a week - 20 general trivia, 36 topical (3 topics, 12 Q each). I find myself having to go back into the archives to pick “fresh” topics, and I’ve already mined most of the Kitchen Sink questions and now I am having to find some of my own to fill in the gaps.


That’s good feedback. Sometimes the specific category games are nice but maybe they can be too specific? We’ll definitely double down on general games. Glad to hear you make use of the library!


I agree with jeff, Ross - Def more kitchen sink and everything bagel!
In some of our locations, people LOVE the themes. These are more the bars/breweries where people specifically come for trivia night and its themes. But in some of the more “restaurant” style locations, we find more people tend to join the game when its a more general topic. Most of them dont know its trivia night and after 2 questions jump into the game because its so much fun!


Heard! We’ll add more general games then!


Conundrums. Jumbled words and a clue as to what the word might be. This is more challenging as a text question. The jumbled word is more fun when it sounds like a word, SNOGAMILF/FLAMINGO. Of course, they don’t have to be naughty like my example.
Robot Voice Lyrics: A variety of robot voices reading song lyrics. So much fun.
Timeline some version of the Timeline game would be amazing. 5-6 people, places or things. Prayers have to put them in order from earliest to most recent. This could be 5-6 pics of a celebrity, famous bridges, or toys. The most brilliant iteration of this would be to allow a person/team to submit their answer and Crowdpurr software would instantly reveal to that person/tram how many are in correct order, but not exactly what. Players can take the points they have or try again. All within a set time limit, say 90 seconds.
Scategories: Random letter is generated, 5-12 Categories are revealed. Players/teams, have to fill in the categories based on the letter.
I know these are closer in format to a Game Show than traditional trivia. However, over the pandemic I have done a good amount of games via Zoom and Teams and have found with repeat clients mixing in traditional questions keeps the game fresh and the players on their toes. Crowdpurr is bar none the best trivia platform out there. I think it would be cool to see it become a full service game show platform.


I love ALL of these ideas!! +1

Coming quite soon. :wink:


How about Schitts Creek trivia


This one is coming soon, sorry for the lateness of reply, we have a lot of games in the pipeline and are working diligently on as many requests as possible!

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Squid Games and Brendan Fraser

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Cobra Kai and Betty White this week?

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Are we able to add our own categories and questions to the library? I have other users asking to use some of the categories and questions we create.

Great question! We are working on a new feature that will showcase user generated trivia games in our database so stay tuned for more updates. I’m hoping to coincide this feature with the publication of our 1000th game which will be happening soon.

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Doc, you’re absolutely right. This will be remedied faster than Sheriff Brody can shoot an oxygen tank. Thank you for the message and keep an eye on the water.


If you are looking for a trivia author, let me know!

Trivia goes in the cage. Cage goes in the water. Shark’s in the water. Our “Shark Week” trivia game is now in the database. Sorry for the delay and stay on the beach!


Here are some suggestions;
(For picture rounds);

  • Name the city by its skyline.
  • Famous people as kids
  • “What happened next?” This is where you show a photo and ask “what happened next?”. Things such as Derek Jeter’s famous catch where he went flying into the stands or Randy Johnson’s pitch where a bird flew into the path of the ball.

(For non picture rounds)

  • NYC trivia
  • Where is this person from? (Famous people in the USA who are from other countries. This list is endless!)
  • Real names of famous people
  • Songs from movies
  • Musical instruments

That’s all I got for now!

  • Garry
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