Used Library Trivia Game Indicator

I was considering asking if Crowdpurr could grey out quizzes/questions we’ve already used but, contemplating how difficult that might be (at least retroactively), I’ve decided to ask that you, more simply (?), implement a way for us to mark quizzes/questions as used previously (ideally with date but I’m a dreamer.) :hugs:


Hi @huntstreet. We actually considered this feature many times over the years. It’s fairly easy to do but it involves saving and comparing a lot of data as you use the trivia library.

Additionally, it gets tricky to know when you actually use a trivia game/question. Is it when you clone it? When you run it the first time? What if you’re just testing?

I’ve put some thought into it and have always come to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth the effort.

We do have a feature coming later this year that would require this functionality. We want to release a more user-friendly, turn-key type feature where a user simply puts Crowdpurr on a screen, presses a button to start, and the screen automatically loops trivia games forever. Never repeating an old game and always updating with any new games that we publish. The working title is Super Bar Mode as it would be ideal for a bar or restaurant to just put up on their screens. And it would involve no management whatsoever. So this type of feature would need some kind of functionality to know which games have been played. But… it could be as simple as just having a massive list and moving down one game at a time in order. Versus how a user like you would choose different games out of order and they would need to be tracked/stored. For Super Bar Mode we could simply save a count/number that represents where they are on the master list of games. Much simpler.

I’ll update here when we have news about this.


I completely understand! Thank you for sharing this! Loving everything the software has to offer :slight_smile: