How does Crowdpurr compare to Kahoot, Slido, TriviaHub, etc?

Has anyone tried any other audience engagement or trivia platforms besides Crowdpurr?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on those and how you feel they compare to Crowdpurr. Are there advantages or disadvantages to any solutions you’ve found?

I can’t help but be biased to Crowdpurr but I’d love to hear your opinion.

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I’ve tried Kahoot, which is great, but a little different. The big difference is in the character limits for the question. 120 characters can be tough to fit a coherent and interesting question into.

But Kahoot was built for schools, and so images can be bigger than Crowdpurr’s, which is nice. (You can also do a “slow reveal” of an image in Kahoot, which is a feature I’d love to see here.)

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Nice ideas. I know a few users have asked for something like Kahoot’s “heads up” feature where the buttons only show symbols and you must look at the presenter to know the answers. Though others have said they like Crowdpurr because we don’t do that.

I love the “slow reveal” idea. We have some cool updates coming up next month regarding trivia question types, so hang in there. Fun stuff is on the way!

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NTN Trivia was the first experience I had with random trivia… one of the things I liked about some of their game formats is that the wrong answers would slowly disappear, leaving just the correct answer but with scant points left on the timer. Hand-in-hand with being able to change their answer, this gave everyone a chance to select an answer without really knowing, and if it disappeared, there was this fun panic of trying to pick one of the choices that still remained…

Kind of takes some of the risk out of guessing. I think it would be a good checkbox for the trivia format.

Just a thought…

I was using Kahoot! before switching to Crowdpurr. In my opinion, Crowdpurr is far superior. I initially made the switch because of Crowdpurr’s ability to mark misspelled text answers correct. More game options, lead capture and a more robust platform were bonuses I didn’t even know where possible until I started using your service.

Two things I liked about Kahoot! were the picture reveal and the ability to rank answers in order for those “Put these historical events in order” type questions.

Those features would be nice additions to Crowdpurr, but honestly, if they are never added, I would still love your service.

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I’ll just say several new trivia question types are launching very soon. :blush:

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Recently experienced Kahoot as an audience member. Definitely prefer that CrowdPurr shows everything on mobile as is seen on the Projector. It allows for a more expansive audience; not everyone needs to see the screen in order to participate.


My first experience with trivia software was QandATIME from Digigames. It worked OK but their “copy protection” system was awful. The slightest loss of internet connectivity caused the system to kick the host off and sign back in to resume the game. Crowdpurr is superior BUT QandATIME did have a “points wagering” function that I miss. Looking forward to Crowpurr supporting this!

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I’ve used Kahoot! and Slido before. Kahoot has some nice features but I think Crowdpurr is further along with more features for things like Pub nights and Live trivia.

Slido I don’t think compares at all as it’s mostly just a Polling system and not really trivia.

I have access to Kahoot through work still so if you want me to look anything up…

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