Add Static page

Is there a way to add a static page? Like a splash page with an intro page before the game, an outro/thank you page?


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Hi @blackgossbo, great question!

While there is not currently a “static slide” feature that allows you to implement an intro or outro during the Experience, I can think of several workarounds you may be interested in trying out to achieve a similar use case.

The first workaround consists of using the Question Notes feature. Question Notes show up after the question has stopped receiving answers. This feature allows you to share additional information about your questions or answers during your Experience by using our rich-text header to add headers, paragraphs, hyperlinks, lists, and image content to supplement your questions and answers. Additionally, you can also use this space to insert sponsor logos, promotional announcements, greetings, or any type of announcement.

For more information on how this feature works, please check out the following Help Center article:

Question Notes Explained

One other workaround may be to use the External URL feature, which is available on the Classroom Plan and higher. Using this method would entail using the Next Round feature which allows you to send your participants directly to a specified Crowdpurr Experience. However, you can also use this to send participants directly to an External URL of your choice at the end of a round. For instance, you can set the External URL to an image address displaying your desired outro announcement. Upon setting the Next Round as an External URL, the Mobile View of the Experience will then automatically move your participants to the set URL. Here’s more information on how to set an External URL as the Next Round: Next Round Explained

Please note, there is currently no way to bring participants back from an External URL. Thus, if you would like to send participants to a URL at the end of a round but have another trivia round to play through after, participants would have to enter the next round’s URL or Experience Code to access it.