A "blank" screen to make announcements or list sponsors between rounds?

HI Ross,
Would it be possible to add a “blank” screen in between rounds?
For example, when round 1 (Question 10) is over and we have a few minutes break before round 2 (starting at Question 11) begins, we could have a screen for announcements such as;
“Our next round is a picture round” or “Next week our theme game is…”


We could place an advertisement on this screen.

Of course, this setting can be turned off if not needed!

Lastly…any chance of getting an update on the security level, log in feature?

Thanks as always,


Hi Garry,

Great question! While there’s not currently a direct static slide feature at the moment, I can think of a workaround you may be interested in using.

This workaround entails using the Question Notes feature, which shows up after the question has stopped receiving answers. This feature allows you to share additional information about your questions or answers during your Experience by using our rich-text header to add headers, paragraphs, hyperlinks, lists, and image content to supplement your questions and answers. Additionally, you can also use this space to insert sponsor logos, promotional announcements, greetings, or any type of announcement.

For more information on how this feature works, please check out the following Help Center article:

Question Notes Explained


Hi @garry. Thanks for this suggestion. I’ll chime in too.

This is something we’ll be working on in early 2023 actually. You’ll be able to add content between questions. And it will be very flexible. Both on the Projector View and Mobile View.

More details then!

As far as Crowdpurr for Teams, it was a bit more involved than initially planned. It’s about 60% done. It likely won’t be ready before the end of the year, but we do have a few fun features we will be releasing before the end of the year.


Hi guys,
Thanks for the replies.
I took Jemmas suggestion and put my announcements under “notes”. It worked well.
Looking forward to the new features.
You guys rock. Mthanks.


Hi @RossN
This would be a game changer for how I use Crowdpurr. Between questions is good but a blank page at the beginning and the end of the experience would be great. Maybe that’s what you mean by flexible.


@RossN Any update on the blank page between experiences and/or questions?

Thanks for your continued interest! This is something we’ll be focusing on in early Q3 of this year.

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Hey @RossN, just following on that blank page between experience/question. Any updates?


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hey @RossN, any update on the blank HTML page between experience/question within Crowdpurr?

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Hi @blackgossbo. It’s on our roadmap for this year. Should be in the next six months. Lots of other features coming that are a bit higher priority. Thanks for checking in. :blue_heart:


This would be great for highlighting sponsors during the round or even highlight “special” questions that are about to follow.