Any CrowdPurr Pros recording their trivia nights?

Do any of you CrowdPurr pros record (and post to youtube) your trivia nights? If so can you post your links so we can watch them?

I would love to see how you facilitate your trivia nights


We’ve been doing live streaming games with Crowdpurr for 2 years now, as well as live games at bars & restaurants. Before the pandemic, we hosted 70 weekly in-person games throughout New England. This program helped us transition to a digital game and saved our business! We now offer our pen & paper game again to on-site events, but still use Crowdpurr for online games and private events, as well as at our on0site locations.

We call our game format “Hot Fingers Trivia”, and videos of shows can be seen here:

Our full schedule can also be found on our website:

Hope that helps!!!



This is great! I watched one of your shows this morning. Awesome work! Thanks for sharing this.

We’re going to be adding an extensive Case Studies section to our website soon which will have lots of examples of all the various use-cases for Crowdpurr. Please feel free to share any videos, YouTubes, images, etc. with us at! We’d love to promote your on our website!