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Hello firstly I would just like to say how much i love Crowdpurr, after using many many quiz software this has got to be top. I actualy go live for my first quiz next saturday cant wait.

My question is why we cant play audio files my gang love music quizzes but the only way i have found is to use you tube but i worry about copy right welcome any advice


Hi @walesents! Glad you’re enjoying Crowdpurr.

As far as audio files, do you mean you’d like to be able to upload audio files and play them for questions? If you had the ability to upload your own audio files, do you have audio files to upload?

Adding something like that would be possible, but we find these days, most customers don’t have their own audio files (e.g. MP3’s) since everything is streaming now.

For most of our customers, bringing your own phone, computer, etc. that has audio capability (e.g. Apple Music, Spotify, etc.) and connecting that to the larger crowd PA is a good solution. Then this gives you full control. Creating a playlist works well. Then you build out the trivia or bingo game to match in Crowdpurr.

YouTube within the app can also be a good solution.

Thank you for reply i do purchase my audio files this is why i was asking, i have set up a you tube channel and now looking at making my own video files then upload, if i doing it live no problem will play direct
many thanks

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Hi @RossN!

Actually my setup is exactly as you suggest, with my laptop hooked up to a PA for audio and also playing Crowdpurr for questions, broadcast to TV’s throughout the venue. It certainly is possible to manually find and play audio files while managing the Croudpurr interface, but it requires a fair bit of mouse gymnastics to pull off well. Of course if you screw anything up, it’s broadcast everywhere throughout the venue. Also, while occasionally I like to show music videos along with the music, that’s not generally true. I much prefer music trivia to be based on listening only, without the additional cues from a music video to tip participants off.



As A DJ I own all my own music. And would love for a way to load mp3 for a music version as mentioned above. I tried the youtube thing last week and everyone love the music trivia, problem was the black bar only block out title of song for 5 seconds. IF they could do like a 30 sec or 20 sec black out, then using youtube would be fine. Hopefully in near future either way or both can be done.

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@smasayko Thanks for the feedback!

As far as YouTube blocking out the title for only five seconds… that is by design. As the title should only show for three or four seconds. Then we fade the black bar out as the title should no longer be showing.

Were you seeing something different? Please share any details. We’ll look into this also.

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Ross, problem we are having with YouTube is that we have to open 2 projection screens, one for the tvs that everyone sees. And one as a side by side on our computer screen to be able to read the question and answers.

This results in the YouTube videos starting at a fraction of a second after each other and now we have like an echo effect listening to 2 of the same video, so we then have to pause the video on our computer screen each question.

I like the idea of streaming the songs but it another thing we have to monitor and control.
Being able to embed mp3s into the question would be awesome

For Audio only questions, I frequently repeat the audio for the audience (especially when it’s a loud night) so I moved away from playing in Youtube and now play MP3s using Farrago DJ App from Rogue Amoeba:

I use hotkeys for the 10 songs and have multiple “sets” of 10 songs I switch between, depending on how many rounds there are.

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Hi @ssedjs, thanks for sharing this! As a temporary workaround for your use case, do you happen to know if your web browser allows you to mute a browser tab?

For instance, you can mute one of the open Presentation Views to only allow audio from one Presentation View stream. This would also prevent the need from pausing a YouTube video for each question.