Feature Request: Defaults

Not a big deal, but every time I setup a new game I have to set the same parameters (question time, wager time, team mode, etc). Being able to set defaults would be nice!


You could make one template game with all your fave parameters and a single question. Then clone that game and add new questions.

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Hi @doc.proctor.sc, great feedback!

The workaround that @jimmie provided is indeed what we typically recommend doing if you’d like to create a “template” game configured with your desired settings.

Cloning an existing Experience will preserve the settings and customizations while allowing you to use the newly cloned games for future events. When cloning the template game, all of its settings get cloned including questions, answers, Experience settings, question images, logos, etc.

For instance, if you have a Trivia Game that you’d like to “save” the settings for use in future games, you can simply clone the Trivia Game to preserve all of its questions, answers, custom branding, and Experience settings. This method allows you to run the same Experience while keeping each session’s crowd responses separately within the cloned Experiences. You can also swap out, remove, and add questions within your cloned games.

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Create an experience with one question and all of the other settings.
Once cloned, open the questions tab, click on the “Question Tools” option on the right side, and select the top option “Open Trivia Database”.
Then browse the database as usual and add as many questions as you wish.
All settings will be preserved.

Only problem with that solution is that the “template” now takes up one of your allowable experiences. In classroom, that only leaves you 9 left. We struggle with only 10. But for us, it doesnt pay to upgrade our plan just for the increased number of experiences.

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