Feature Request: Defaults

Not a big deal, but every time I setup a new game I have to set the same parameters (question time, wager time, team mode, etc). Being able to set defaults would be nice!


You could make one template game with all your fave parameters and a single question. Then clone that game and add new questions.


Hi @doc.proctor.sc, great feedback!

The workaround that @jimmie provided is indeed what we typically recommend doing if you’d like to create a “template” game configured with your desired settings.

Cloning an existing Experience will preserve the settings and customizations while allowing you to use the newly cloned games for future events. When cloning the template game, all of its settings get cloned including questions, answers, Experience settings, question images, logos, etc.

For instance, if you have a Trivia Game that you’d like to “save” the settings for use in future games, you can simply clone the Trivia Game to preserve all of its questions, answers, custom branding, and Experience settings. This method allows you to run the same Experience while keeping each session’s crowd responses separately within the cloned Experiences. You can also swap out, remove, and add questions within your cloned games.


Create an experience with one question and all of the other settings.
Once cloned, open the questions tab, click on the “Question Tools” option on the right side, and select the top option “Open Trivia Database”.
Then browse the database as usual and add as many questions as you wish.
All settings will be preserved.

Only problem with that solution is that the “template” now takes up one of your allowable experiences. In classroom, that only leaves you 9 left. We struggle with only 10. But for us, it doesnt pay to upgrade our plan just for the increased number of experiences.


Later this year, when we roll out some new branding tools (e.g. custom fonts, uploadable fonts, themes, custom CSS) we’ll be coming out with a new Global Branding & Settings panel too.

This will let you set your branding once and apply it to all your experiences. We’ll be including some other settings to it as well. So you will be able to set up certain settings once and have them apply to all your experiences (version one) and then possibly select which experiences (version two).


I’m going to share some thoughts here and this seems like the right place to do it. :slight_smile:

PLEASE keep in mind that I do not intend to complain or whine because I LOVE crowdpurr. I’ve built a major business using it and I have no intention of moving away. It’s the best platform out there and I’ve tried most of them. AND… it keeps getting better. (Yes, I wish some new features could hit faster… but… I’d rather have them developed properly vs speedily.)

I’m just going to mention these things so development can consider a thought or two that they may not have thought of.

I LOVE the idea of Global settings. I can’t tell you how much that would improve things for me. When I set up a trivia game (usually 5 rounds), there are settings I need to change depending on the type of game it’s going to be. That is why a template doesn’t really work for me. BUT, it’s getting to the point where there are SO MANY settings, that if I forget to change/set one setting, it becomes an issue. Something as simple as… hide the QR code. (We generally use tablets so our participants never need to use a qr code. In fact, it would cause problems if they did). Once I’ve cloned the game 5 times, if a change needs to be made, I have to go back in and change it in 5 different rounds. Not the end of the world, but still time-consuming. I would love a way to select multiple rounds and make ONE change that would update in each of the rounds.

Another thing to consider, allowing us to OPT-IN to the new features. I know this is problematic for coding. Just one of many examples: For context, I like to walk around during the trivia events and I run the game from a tablet I’m carrying that has both the crowdpurr game on it AND a streamdeck interface. (We run our games using Wirecast so that we can have other informational screens and sponsors on the screen during the game. So my streamdeck uses both crowdpurr hotkeys and wirecast commands to run the game.)

The latest change has disrupted the flow because now when I go to show the scoreboard at the end of a round, I get the popup that asks if I want to “end the round”. That means the sequence I have programmed (Switch to a “Round x winner” display screen, start a drumroll, hotkey to show the scoreboard, switch back to the scoreboard) no longer works… because of the popup. Which means, I have to be back at the computer to make it all work.

I know that for most people, this isn’t probably a big deal. If you are ONLY using crowdpurr to run the game, display, sfx, etc… It’s probably better and I’m also certain that you have to assume that is what most people are doing. However, there are many of us that have developed our own workflows to overcome (for lack of a better term… not meant in a negative way) the shortfalls of the platform and the ability to opt-in to the major changes would be very helpful.

Again, just throwing this out there for consideration. I’ve been a long-term customer of Crowdpurr and I intend to stay one. I really appreciate all of the work your team does and the customer service is the best I’ve seen from any service provider I’ve used. Please keep up the great work. :slight_smile:


Copy all @dandeibert. Thanks for the feedback. We really appreciate it.

It definitely sounds like a global settings feature will be useful for power users, so we’ll definitely do that.

As far as your custom workflow, yeah, it’s hard to know what every customer is doing. Actually, the reason there’s SO MANY settings in Crowdpurr is that we try to satisfy every customer and use-case. Which are infinitely different and varying. Any setting you see, is likely from a customer at some point requesting, “Can Crowdpurr do XYZ?” or “Turn off XYZ?”

Indeed, we try to test everything thoroughly which is why some things take time. We’ll definitely keep in mind existing customers and their workflows and try to give a heads up if there’s major breaking changes.

Thanks for being a customer! We’ve made a business too, out of helping you make a business! :pray: So happy to hear that. Very grateful of our awesome customers.


Ross, I brought this up a year or maybe two ago and just want to remind you of my ‘wish list’ item.

I would like to be able to set “lose points for wrong answer” to “no” globally. But then be able to set it to “yes” for individual questions.

Thanks for your consideration!

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