[SOLVED] Longer games aren't loading for me

I have a game saved of around 60 questions that I’ve used plenty of times before without issue. At first I was unable to open it at all, it would just perpetually buffer. So then I imported the same set of questions in a new game. This time, it did load, but as soon as I clicked to view Summary, it went back to trying to load but never doing so. I thought maybe it was just me, so I had a coworker attempt it as well, and the same thing happened to him.

Is anyone else experiencing this today?

Hi AJ, sorry to hear you’re encountering an issue.

Would you be able to send the CSV spreadsheet you’re encountering this issue with to our Help Desk email at help@crowdpurr.com? We’d be happy to look into this further for you.

Looks like it’s working now! Thank you! Before it was stuck on the loading screen when we’d click on Summary.

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Please report back here if it happens again. If it wasn’t your Internet, it sounds like it could be a caching/loading edge-case bug - meaning some series of specific events that doesn’t happen often causes a loading bug to happen.

Will do. Before I reported it, I had a teammate try it on his computer, too. He also had the loading issue.

FYI, this was indeed a bug where a lot of text-answer questions would cross a per-user server loading threshold we had set too low. We just released a fix in our 3.8.5 update today. Please accept our apologies for any frustration. :+1:

Hi Ross! Thanks so much for the update! We always appreciate your responsiveness. Have a great day!

Actually, upon testing some more, it looks like there’s still an issue when importing questions via CSV. They import correctly and the data is valid, but they just don’t load right away. The good news, if you wait about ten seconds and refresh, everything loads correctly.

But in the moment of importing, there’s still a loading configuration issue. We should have it fixed in the next day or so.

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