Cheat-Proof Premium & Ultra Premium Trivia Games?

A concern we’ve had many customers have is the fact that the trivia library is open to the public as well. So if you’re running a trivia contest for a prize or money and using a library game, savvy players could try to find your library games by using a free Basic Plan account beforehand. No need to even upgrade. Especially if you announce the topics/games beforehand.

Premium Trivia Games

One idea we’ve kicked around is adding Premium Trivia Games that would cost a few dollars to buy. They would still be written by our amazing trivia team, still have the same quality, but they would not be open to the public. You would have to purchase the game to have access to it. So it would add more of a barrier to those cheaters out there trying to get an advantage. Though, one might argue that if a prize is $50, someone might pay $5 to try to cheat. While this would greatly reduce library cheating, it doesn’t solve it completely. So this brings forth the idea of…

Ultra Premium Trivia Games

These would be trivia games that are only allowed to be purchased by a single user. For ultimate cheat-proofing. No one else, no matter what they pay, would be able to see the game ahead of time. However, because only one user would be able to access the trivia game, it would need to be more expensive to pay for the creation of the game. So these would cost $50 to $100, for example. You wouldn’t use these often unless you had a very special event with a large prize and you wanted to cheat-proof it completely.

These are some thoughts our team had recently. While we love giving away free trivia games each week, these upgraded games may help some users.

Not Big on the Idea of Premium Trivia?

You can still mitigate library cheating without paying any extra. Make sure you don’t announce your games ahead of time (unless you always just use the new games each week, then you’ll be open to cheaters if they figure out you use Crowdpurr and care enough).

Also, our library is HUGE. So feel free to mix questions from lots of different games. If you have recurring trivia games, at the moment, there’s no way to know if you’ve used a question before or not. You might use your own tracking spreadsheet in this case (or clone a copy of ours) and mark off the games you’ve used. We’re discussing some kind of tracking feature that would display if you’ve ever had players answer a trivia question before - this gets involved though when you have multiple nights/groups/etc. of trivia players where you need to track per group.

Lastly, you can always sprinkle in some of your own written questions too! Or look for other trivia question sources. But we warn you, good players and teams read the same blogs and posts that Google will find for you. That’s why we require our trivia writers to write games 100% from scratch. No using existing material.

Thoughts on the above premium trivia games?

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How about a feature that would build a trivia game from across the entire library? Say we need 50 questions, the system randomly chooses the questions from all questions in the library!

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This is a good idea, but the question would likely need the context of the category/title of the game. If we did this, we’d have to add a little tag near the question that would also show the player the “topic” of the question for example:

“What does Jessie ask for from Walter when they go to the laundromat?”

You need the “Breaking Bad” context to know what this question is talking about. Good suggestion though. We’re discussing this feature. And have it also track which questions you’ve used too, as to not re-use duplicates in that “super shuffle”.

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I run a live in person trivia show and need to announce topics ahead of time to keep the excitement for people to come. This is a topic that I’ve pondered about and luckily I haven’t run across anyone that I’ve felt is doing this yet… YET… lol

To be completely honest, I feel like those that are paying for a subscription to the service should already have a bank of topics not available to the free version.

That’s just me, because I’m already paying for the service, so I’m not really interested in starting to pay for additional questions as well.


That’s fair. It could make more sense to move most of the database behind a Classroom Plan or higher paywall, and just have a set of games that are free (this still makes good business sense for us as it incentives upgrades). Then maybe still have the Ultra Premium games for those one-off events you may need to secure.

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This is exactly what my thought was. Free is great to show the product but the real point of a free account is to get you to upgrade to a paid version right? So what better incentive then more questions! =)

On the Ultra Premium games, I can see how others would find a use for being able to purchase your own show. It makes total sense from a biz perspective too… I just really don’t want to start paying for additional shows. lol

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We right trivia as well as use the trivia days base.i have 3 writers, this helps make sure games have a mix of content. I agree that a trivia database should be a premium option that paid subscription has access to.

Another idea would be if any other people that write their own trivia have a community, like a Facebook group where we can share trivia.

We have some community trivia ideas brewing. :shallow_pan_of_food:

I used to used speed quizzing before the covid shut down last year. They have a facebook page as well where only members can join and then members upload batches of questions all the time for others to use. Its always great to refer to when you need some ideas


I like the idea of “premium” questions. I also agree with @djmj that the best approach for all is to hide the majority of your “premium” questions/games behind paid subscriptions.

As for “Ultra Premium,” I think you could offset the cost to the customer a bit if you design the game but then once their event is over, you add the game to the premium library for others to use. So it’s really more like an early access feature for the original customer. If the subject/theme is too specific or not very marketable, then maybe the price is higher. Just a thought…


Either a way to contribute to the main trivia database (properly vetted), or a way to build a community database (for paid members), and allow me to search/find/choose questions from both at the same time… Bliss!

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Great idea! :raised_hands: This is definitely a way to bring the cost down. Maybe the games could be “ordered” in advance. Or we put a few out there and see if anyone buys them.

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Ross, I am all for upgrading but your tiers are spaced too far apart! Classroom to Seminar is THREE TIMES the price! That is a big pill for a small company to swallow!


Indeed, but it’s FIVE TIMES the amount of audience capacity, very powerful custom lead capture features, and more.

If you need to host over 100 participants, up to 500 in total, you’re in a different class of events. Handling hundreds of simultaneous participants requires much more horsepower on our back end. It’s no small feat.

Understood. However, I don’t need the additional capacity.

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If you pay really it’s not so bad. I currently use the conference plan and at times feel a little jaded that I don’t have exclusive trivia content over others on smaller plans


I have someone using the free version in my area and hosting games at venues. Doing a very sloppy job too.

I agree with I understand it takes a lot of extra horsepower on y’all’s end to host more participants, but don’t really need the the extra capacity at this time. But I’d really love to have the ability to add custom branding and pop-up ads. Any way those could be add-on features?

To your original question: I’d like to see the trivia database be off limits for those on the free plan.


And I am willing to pay an extra fee for access to the features without additional seats.