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Hello I am stuck, have two quiz programs Crowdpurr and another both have good and not so good features. the second quiz program has the feature of putting a number of questions in a round, (100 ) and then you can select how many random questions you would like to play in your quiz making every play different.

But unlike Crowdpurr it does not have a league table on players who play or have took the quiz, I would like to ask if the possibility of random questions could be a considered feature in the future,

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Hi @walesents,

Great question.

In the future, we’ll be working on some kind of randomized mode of trivia. Where you can generate trivia games with random questions. And it will also intelligently track which questions you’ve already played/used in your games and not use those again.

Until then, one easy move would be to add several General topic trivia games in the Trivia Library when creating a new trivia game. Add as many as you need, until you reach 100 questions.

This is basically a “random question” trivia game. Just be sure to personally track which games you’ve used in the past, so you’re always using fresh unplayed questions.

Let us know if you need help!

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