New Super-Hard Category of Trivia Library Games?

Hey trivia library users, what do you think about a new series (or even category) of super-hard “brain buster” trivia games? Have any players that think our games are too easy?


I love this idea. I think my players would love it too


Many of the questions are way too easy for our players. When I use games from the database I have to weed out or change the questions that I think will be too simple for them. Regular trivia players are pretty smart. That said, I wouldn’t want to alienate casual or middle-of-the-road players. People won’t come back if they don’t know ANY answers. It would be difficult to have “brain buster” games that are specific topics, but maybe the general knowledge games could have a rating system (like chilis on a restaurant menu!)


This isn’t a bad idea to have as an option. Obviously I’m on board for helping develop this kind of library. I would be worried, for people who use the libraries for their games, they might scare of casual players like @vwarfield said, however if it was advertised as like… Expert trivia or something like that I’d imagine most casual players wouldn’t come.

I’ve done something like this before, I had a $500 gauntlet game in one of my live nights as a tournament where it was 75 questions, all on hard mode, but at the end you could win a fair amount of cash. It was very popular, but it really attracted a different sort of crowd than we were used to.

I think it’s a good thing to have as an option but maybe make it very clear its only for people who host difficult nights or have that type of crowd!


This would be great. I do a 6 category trivia night and I like to make the questions more difficult each round.

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