Delay for radio presentation

Hello hope you can help, I read that it is possible to delay the question prentation think it was here, i have a opportunity to do a live quiz on internet radio but there is a delay in the audio and to the public

was it this quiz i read something

many thanks keep up the good work

Hi @walesents! Great question.

While there’s not a direct way to implement a delay on the platform, I can think of a method you may be interested in using to work around the audio delay you’ve mentioned.

This method entails a “Crowdpurr partner” who is listening to the delivered audio stream. The Crowdpurr partner would then update Crowdpurr’s Experience Dashboard when the participants hear the stream as it’s delivered versus when it’s broadcast. Alternatively, if you know exactly how many seconds the audio is delayed, you can update the active game based on the specific time delay.

Here’s an example flow of what would occur assuming a 5-second delay when using Crowdpurr and the audio stream:

  1. You say “Let’s go to Question 2”… (5s of latency passes)
  2. You (or your partner) moves on to Question 2 in Crowdpurr
  3. Crowd answers for 15 seconds. 15 seconds is up.
  4. You say “Let’s look at how everyone voted”… (5s of latency passes)
  5. You or your partner triggers “Show Live Answer Results” after 5 seconds
  6. Repeat steps 4-6 for additional viewer displays. (i.e. Correct Answer, Rankings Leaderboard, etc.)

Hopefully this helps!

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The thread I think you’re looking for is this one:

@jemma did a good job of summarizing it.

It should be noted that this article came out before we released our own real-time streaming feature. So these types of tactics are no longer needed. Unless, you’re dealing with a medium that does still have latency, like a radio station or broadcast of some kind.

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