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I am trying to work out the solution to doing a live stream quiz over YouTube to our channel followers for Christmas. Does anyone have a work around for the 8 second delay?
Q. is there a way for me to press the question and it deals it going live for 8 seconds to catch up with you tube ?

Many Thanks in advance !


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Also … is there a way of going back and revealing the answer to a section of questions as this would be the work around I can think of . That way it takes care of the 8 second issue.

The easiest way to do this is to have someone else start the questions and reveal the answers while the host just works through the questions.

For example… as the host, you ask question 1… wait (how many seconds you have the question set to)… then say … the answer is “B”… Now questions number 2 is… so forth. While you are doing that, someone else is watching the live youtube feed at the same time as the contestants and just starting the question and revealing the answer on your cue.

Your other workaround will not really work because even if you reveal the answers at the end of the round, your voice will not match up with the questions on the players screen.

highly recommend zoom… there is no real delay. (Also, they just announced a webex integration and that might help as well, though I have no experience with that)


The “person listening in and controlling the quiz” is the “real” answer to make it seem live, but it is hard to wrap your head around what the players are seeing/hearing versus what you are.

I do a trivia stream on Twitch every week. Now, since I do it every week, I have a bunch of stuff set up to make this easier for me, and maybe it won’t be workable for you without some of the conveniences I have… but I’ll explain it anyway.

I warn my users at the beginning of the stream that we are on a delay.

For each question, I play a 5 second “intro” clip that sets up the question. I tell people at the beginning that when they hear that sound on the stream, they need to look at their phones or browser because the question will appear soon. Usually the stream is about 3-4 seconds behind so the question usually shows up just after that clip starts to play.

I then give the users 7 seconds to read the question before I show the answers and start the timer. I have a 20 second timer and I play a 20 second sting. Keep in mind that they are now focused on their phone/browser and not the stream. Then when the timer has about three seconds left, I start talking about the question, answers and results.

The most awkward time in this whole thing is after people have answered and are waiting for the timer to run out on the stream (which is 3-4 seconds after it runs out on their phones). But I think it’s acceptable because they would be waiting at that point anyway; what’s a few seconds?

Now to make this easier, I have an Elgato Stream Deck which I have programmed several buttons to control my stream, the scenes in my broadcasting software, macros to run the questions, etc. If this is a one-time thing for you, it might not make sense to invest in the automation. But if you can have a bunch of sounds ready to play at the right time, you can get away with writing up a cheat sheet of all the buttons you have to push for each question. :wink:

Here’s my macro for starting a question, as an example:

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Just a note… I realized after I posted it that the macro I showed is for the FIRST question… normally there would be a “press to advance to next question” but…

For the first question, you have to “start game” which has no hotkey… so I have to time the pressing of the “start game” button perfectly after my “question intro clip” plays.

For all the rest of the questions, you can hit “right arrow” to show the next question, so my “next question” macro adds that step to the above.

If any Crowdpurr people are listening, it would be GREAT to use the same key (doesn’t have to be right arrow) to advance to question 1 as the one you use to advance to each question after that… It would save me a button on my already packed Stream Deck!

Thanks for listening.

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WOW… I thought I was geeky when it came to this stuff! That streamdeck routine… that is intense!! :slight_smile:

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You should see the one that manages the 12 minutes of music and intro screens that lead up to the game start… I think it’s got 81 steps in it (mostly infrastructure for timing screen changes, but still…). But hey it is SO much easier to hit two buttons to start the stream and run the intro sequence, than to push all those buttons myself. :wink:

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@gavin Here’s an extensive detailed thread post about managing latency:

Mitigating Streaming Latency When Using Crowdpurr

As @dandeibert says, Zoom eliminates the latency. Usually, if you’re doing YouTube live, on Ultra Low Latency the latency is only three to four seconds. I’ve seen it be even lower than that but also as high as ten seconds.

Many thanks, I have tested the latency from the studio we broadcast from weekly and the latency runs around 7 seconds, but they you could change in the day.
We have had a live test now and are comfortable with the way we will run things, going live with the questions after a few second of chat, fingers crossed it won’t be a disaster :joy::rofl:!

Kind Regards,

Gavin Alexander
Creative Director

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Ugh… I didn’t think about the possibility of delay with YouTube… Looks like Zoom might be the best option then to get started. Since I’ll be using just the embedded streaming right now. Glad I saw this thread…

OK. now I’m really confused…

Its mentioned that you can use Zoom to eliminate the delay with the stream using YouTube, yet to use Zoom the instructions say you have to use YouTube???

How can that eliminate the delay from YouTube if you still have to use YouTube?? Wether the stream is coming from Zoom or YouTube, the delay is still on YouTube side, no?

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The suggestion of using zoom was implying that all of your players are also on zoom, in the same zoom meeting. THAT will run with zero delay.

Anything through youtube or Facebook will have a delay.


So there is no way to use Zoom live in the page without using YouTube. Ugh.

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This is correct. It’s because, due to the vast security issues that Zoom had in 2020, they require all participants to sign into their Zoom account in order to join an embedded Zoom meeting. That’s a deal breaker unfortunately.

We thought this was way too clunky and could imagine the friction caused when 100+ participants all try to sign into Zoom, trying to remember their password, etc. etc.

We always try to make the participant experience as slick as possible to join in and get to interacting as quickly and easily. This is why we have no native app nor full participant logins.

Our Zoom integration is a way to still allow you to host in a Zoom meeting (many hosts preferred environment for virtual meetings) while streaming it through YouTube and embedding easily in Crowdpurr. The participant just needs to show up. I’ve been on many trivia games in this configuration, and while involved to setup and get going, it works well. Many times with 1.5 to 3 second latency which is fine, even with the Zoom to YouTube to Crowdpurr connection. I’ve hosted trivia myself for Fortune 500 clients this way. It works.

In the future, we may roll our own zero-latency WebRTC integration, which will use the technology that powers real-time Zoom meetings, but allow you to either record yourself directly from the Experience Dashboard or connect your own encoding environment (e.g. OBS, Zoom, etc.) Because it’s our own WebRTC service, we can then allow it to be easily embedded in the Mobile View (so no YouTube, Twitch, etc). That’s sometime in 2022 if we opt to do that. This could also be overkill, when Zoom to YouTube/Twitch, StreamYard to YouTube/Twitch, and OBS to YouTube/Twitch, then YouTube/Twitch embedded to Crowdpurr all work, but with some added latency. Perhaps they’ll improve upon this. There’s a lot of things happening with WebRTC.

There is a weird issue that happens where minimizing and maximizing the embedded YouTube stream causes it to refresh and feels clunky. We’re working on fixing this.

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Hey @RossN
Thanks for all the details, however, I’m trying to figure out a way to do Live Host, but without the lag issue. I was hoping to use Zoom JUST for me to be the host with, so nobody else would be signing in.

If there was a way to use the Zoom link with password parameter to do this, I would be super happy.

I’ll be honest, I love the platform, but feel there is so much that could be done to provide killer Virtual experiences (you’re already killing the in person experience!). I feel you could make an amazing built in experience that would work well with other options and eliminate the latency. Of course, there will be people that want to use Twitch or Youtube still, which, to each their own!

I’m very much looking forward to upgrading in January and playing with more features to build out our experience, very excited to see more in 2022. Do you have a careers page? Couldn’t find one on the website.

You CAN use zoom to provide fantastic virtual events. People are so used to zoom now that it’s not a thing at all for them to sign in play. You can use OBS (I use Wirecast) to then create the screen that everyone sees, with the projector view embedded OR… you can create a second display with just the projector view and share that view via the zoom screen share control. I’ve done both and they work fine.

Trust me. The vast majority of people will have no problems with playing via zoom… and while they will have to log in to their zoom acct, you don’t have to have them register per event. You can create a recurring event for regulars.

I’ve been doing this for close to 2 years now. I’ve created a pretty fantastic business out of just virtual events for fundraisers and corporate clients. Before all of this started, I did corporate stand-up comedy for trade shows, company events, etc. I didn’t replace all of the $$$ I lost because of the cancellations from COVID but, it helped with a good percentage of it. In addition, I now have corporate comedy clients asking about in-person trivia and my virtual trivia clients are asking about both in-person trivia AND comedy shows.

While there are a few things I’d like to see happen with Crowdpurr’s interface, they are mostly wish-list items that would be good for my specific needs so they are on nobody’s front burner. :slight_smile:

Point being… “killer virtual experiences” are already possible with Crowdpurr. :slight_smile:

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@dandeibert In the past two years I’ve done over 500 Zoom events and meetings as the host, it’s an amazing system. And you’re right, most people have had to use it in this time for one thing or another.

However, I’m trying to avoid the need for them to do anything more than go to a URL and enter the name to play. I’m just looking for a way to be the live video host without the associated lag of YouTube/Twitch streaming.

I’m all about the user experience, especially on mobile!

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:point_up_2:Agreed. It’s our holy grail to have the live video host/content embedded in the Mobile View, have zero latency, and have the Crowdpurr player URL/QR code be the single point of entry. Basically a “build your own HQ trivia”. We’re sort of doing this with our current feature set, be it admittedly a bit clunky.

We’ll continue this endeavor and improve in 2022.

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@RossN Love it!
If you allow remote and are looking for some talent… :smiley:

Can’t wait to see what 2022 brings

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